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5 things you did not know about Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls and Prime Minister Modi

If you do not live under a rock, you know by now that Prime Minister Modi will be appearing on Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls on Discovery Channel. And surely you are excited about watching a totally different side of the honorable Prime Minister.

But before you catch the episode, here are 5 facts you need to know.

1. PM Modi wanted to highlight India’s environmental heritage – Through the show Prime Minister Modi wanted to share a message with the world about India’s rich biodiversity. He wanted to spread awareness about environment conservation and living in harmony with nature.

2. Global telecast – Almost the entire world will get a chance to see the episode of Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls and Prime Minister Modi. The show will be aired in over 180 countries around the world on Discovery network of channels.

3. Bear Grylls on PM Modi and India – Bear Grylls said that he felt privileged to take Prime Minister Modi on an adventure into the Indian wilderness. He further stated that it was an honor to spend time with a remarkable world leader who leads a great nation.

4. Other world leaders who have joined Bear Grylls – Before Prime Minister Modi, Barack Obama, then sitting American President had also joined Grylls on his adventures. He has also hosted prominent celebrities like Kate Winslet, Roger Federer, Julia Roberts among others.

5. Prime Minister Modi speaks in Hindi throughout the episode – While the show is yet to air, we can confirm that Prime Minister Modi converses with Bear Grylls in Hindi throughout the episode.

You can watch ‘Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls and Prime Minister Modi’ on August 12 at 9PM on Discovery Channel. The show will be available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu Malayalam, Kannada, Bangla and Marathi.

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