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    Hottest Corporate Handshakes Of The Last Decade $$$

    Recently, WeWork Founder Adam Neumann's USD 1.7 billion severance package has left the corporate fraternity awe-struck. Here are the top 5 hottest corporate handshakes from the last decade that are sure to blow your mind. 'Joined a job, what's your salary package?' is one of the most indiscriminate questions asked worldwide.

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    Is MS Dhoni All Set To Be The New Coach Of Indian Cricket Team?

    Unquestionably the country's greatest captain, MS Dhoni is no longer a player, but the road doesn't stop there for 'Captain Cool', if reports are to be believed - MSD could be set to become the future coach of Team India. The Board for Cricket Control in India (BCCI) recently released the list of 27 players who have been offered official contract. The biggest surprise was the...

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    Indian States That Want To Replicate Delhi's Path-Breaking Educational Model

    AAP's revolutionary Delhi education model produced results and enticed different states in India to endorse the vision and head on to a path of collaborative governance. Arvind Kejriwal's new brand of governance has arguably raised the standard of politics in the country. Other states have embraced AAP's vision of reform giving rise to a peculiar phenomenon of...

    • 2 days ago
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    Team USA and Team Iran If We Go to War

    Assassination of Qasem Soleimani's has shook world order. Warmongering is on. Here analyzing the true Allies of the USA and Iran — IF we go to war. Are we on the brink of World War 3? On Friday, January 3, POTUS Trump ordered an airstrike that has since been compared to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the event that triggered World War 1. Heads Up! Who sides with USA and...

    • 3 days ago
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    Slowdown Forces Firing - Ola Says Rightsizing

    India's leading cab aggregator Ola Cabs may be on the verge of substantial consolidation which includes a massive firing spree. Seems like the golden era of growth-at-any-cost for technology market is nearing its end. Now, according to highly placed sources, Ola may be set to fire approximately 1000 employees under the guise of redesign and restructuring the organisation. In the second half of the...

    • 4 days ago
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    Arvind Kejriwal's Family Man Approach To Solve Delhi's Problems

    A Peek Into Arvind Kejriwal's Model Of Governance And How It Delves Into Aam Admi's Aam Problems Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is an unapologetic family man and that's the approach he has brought into AAP's brand of governance that aims to solve Delhi's problems through compassion and inclusivity. In 2014, bureaucrat-turned-activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal faced the...

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    Why India's Youth Is At Unrest Today?

    The failure of government policies in recent times has forced India's youth to come out on roads expressing their angst and unrest. Right after winning the Lok Sabha elections for the second time with a brute majority in 2019, the BJP government has taken many controversial decisions. At the forefront of the agitation against these decisions are the youth of India. The dissent which directly came from...

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    Stats - Kejriwal And Team Delivered 'RESULTS' Spot On

    It's election time in India's National Capital and Delhi's voters have two options - AAP's performance of five years is up against the age-old opposition ploy of smear campaigns, led by the BJP and Congress. Cashless travel, pink travel slips for women, topping innovation index, free electricity, government schools faring better than private schools, are just the tip of the iceberg of...

    • 6 days ago
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    Numbers Don't Lie Opposition Does - Is Delhi 2020 Hinting At AAP 70/70

    AAP's Stats Trump BJP and Congress' Smear Campaigns Cashless travel, pink travel slips for women, topping innovation index, free electricity, government schools faring better than private schools, are just the tip of the iceberg of developments Aam Admi Party's governance has done in the Capital city. AAP has performed and is contesting the elections based on work. Lage...

    • 6 days ago
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    Oyo's Firing Spree - By-Product Of A Highly Combustible Business Model?

    Oyo's business model is filled with gaping voids just like WeWork, which turned out to be a spectacular bust and an embarrassing setback for SoftBank when the market rejected its IPO valuation. Oyo's Firing Spree — By-Product Of A Highly Combustible Business Model | Newsline | DKODING From the humble origins of Oravel Stays, Ritesh Agarwal's Oyo Rooms is today the...