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100000 Americans Dying Is Acceptable To President Trump (Shocked The World)

President Trump Believes Limiting Total Number Of Coronavirus Deaths In America To 100000 Will Be A 'Very Good Job' — Shocking.

A Barter system in the making — Trump plays it dirty…

As #TrumpGenocide continues to trend on Twitter, Trump's conduct doesn't seem to get any better. The United States of America has long been a little out of luck with its Presidents. From Richard Nixon to Donald Trump, the saga of make-believe, crime, frauds, and racism hasn't seen its end. While America continues to be collateral damage amid these scenarios, it is the current situation that cannot be overlooked. The worst has come. Lives are at stake, people are dying, federals are working round the clock, while President Trump is busy thriving on a dirty cynical gamble of hundreds of thousands of lives to secure his seat in the upcoming elections. Saving his arse in the face of a pandemic seems like his immediate mission. After all, if you pretend like none of this is happening, it'll all just go away, right?

Twitterati Cannot Keep Calm For The POTUS Cannot Keep It Straight

It was just a week ago when Trump tweeted —


Donald Trump On Twitter

It is almost unbelievable what followed. His statement in a conversation with Fox News, 'I'd love to have it (businesses) open by Easter. I will tell you that right now,' terrified the healthcare professionals.


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The Dirty Politics Is Making Trump Dance To Its Tune

Seems like his re-election strategy is getting dirtier by seconds and that Trump's lies seem to have no end. What stands testimony to his incompetency at the time of a serious pandemic, that he should have been fighting with every fiber of his being, is his changing tune. It was for months that the President downplayed the pandemic.

Following the usual pattern, Trump didn't tire of playing blame games with the media, China, and the Obama White House. He then went ahead with overstating potential treatments and his policies to tackle the situation in hand. Again, the man's lies seem to have no end.


Difference Between Trump And Obama And Why It Would Have Mattered The Most NOW

Trump's briefing on Sunday left the listeners even more shocked when the President denied his previous public statements on Coronavirus pandemic. However, this shouldn't come as new considering his inability at taking responsibility and his deeply rooted pathological lying personality.

Trump Continues To Lie Pathologically To Save His Arse

Friday's briefing saw him say, 'If they don't treat you right, I don't call,' of those leaders and governors who aren't appreciative of him. In a turn of events, the President clearly denied saying it during Sunday's briefing. He berated Yamiche Alcindor, a reporter at PBS NewsHour for putting out the question and went on to say, 'Why don't you act in a little more positive? … It's always get ya, get ya, get ya. You know what? That's why nobody trusts the media anymore.'

He added: 'Look, let me tell you something, be nice. Don't be threatening. Be nice.'

What preceded these dialogues was his denial for ever saying that the governors did not actually need all the equipment they claimed they did.

News Flash! Trump gave the aforementioned statement publicly on Fox News on Thursday.

Since President Trump lies on coronavirus crises seem to have no end, it is getting difficult by the day to afford the cost of his negligence and moral disfigurement.

Wake Up, Sir

While America is going through the biggest crisis in history, the President fails to stand temperamentally and intellectually equipped to deal with it. However, unlike every time in the past, the nation cannot afford the cost of Trump's moral disfigurements and distortions. The statements given by him on various occasions have been extremely misleading and untrue.

He claimed that the deaths by suicide will be much more than those due to COVID-19 if the economy was to slow down.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that, in a worst-case scenario, 200,000 to 1.7 million Americans could die from COVID-19, whereas, according to the CDC, suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. However, the number of people who died by suicide in 2017 was roughly 47,000—nowhere near the COVID-19 estimates.

His negligence during the crisis continues to cost hundreds of lives and it doesn't look like it will cease any sooner.

'The modelling estimates that the peak in death rate is likely to hit in two weeks,' Trump told reporters. 'Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won. That would be the greatest loss of all.' He insisted.

Keeping the optimism by his side, he added —

We can expect by June 1st we will be well on our way to recovery.

On being requested by the governor of New York for more ventilators, Trump lashed out, 'I don't believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators,' prior to Friday. It was as if something lit his brain on Friday that he changed his statement and called for steps for the production of more ventilators.

Letting a Genocide happen makes Trump believe that he's done a good job.

While Trump seems to have bowed down to healthcare professionals for the time being and extended the lockdown period by month, his drastic change in tune, yet again, is what has shocked the world.

The president believes that limiting the total number of deaths to 100,000 will mean that they have done 'a very good job' as opposed to his earlier optimism towards opening the market by Easter. Make up your mind, Mr.Trump.

His quackery is horrifying and outrageous at once; a man known for his scorn for science, he stands far from benign at the time of such gravity. Trump's squandering for weeks definitely has put a question mark on his leadership and crises management skills.

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