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Come One,Come All,Come For The Donald Trump Show - The Catastrophic Negligence Of A Fool

Slow Deaths at the hands of an imbecile — Trump cannot be changed. While the entire world fights the Coronavirus, Trump is back at it with his foolery.

In a massive turn of events, America saw Democrats and Republicans forget their differences to come together for the good of the nation through a $2 trillion stimulus package passed by the Senate to overcome the economic blow of Coronavirus on the US. It was approved in a

and would be taken up by the legislation with bipartisan support.


In the morning of 26th March, the President of the United States entered the South portico of 'The White House' with the air of arrogance in a white shirt secured by a bomber jacket as if it was his way of telling the world that he was the boss.

Under the portrait of George Washinton, he — who could never take after him — addressed the media and signed a congressional emergency spending bill worth $8.3bn as well in order to combat the deadly coronavirus. Flashing the bill before the cameras, the President braced himself for a series of upcoming questions raised by the eager reporters.

He assured:

We're doing very well, But it's an unforeseen problem. What a problem. Came out of nowhere, but we're taking care of it.

It was when a reporter asked him how he managed to keep people from panicking, the know-it-all President shrugged it off saying:

Calm. You have to be calm. It'll go away.

While the 'Donald Trump Show' hits its all time high — US coronavirus cases surge, most in world.

Has it gone away though? It doesn't come as a surprise that Trump is a hasty, pulse-driven, arrogant who takes away the sense of reality from his listeners when he speaks. To them, it almost feels like they have entered a parallel universe where just about everything seems right in order and calm. However, the reality is usually far from it.

While the latest announcement seemed it could do some good, in many instances, Trump has proven to be an egomaniac, a bully, and a man with a carnal streak devoid of empathy.

His usual banter with the media many a time sees him disrupting press conferences by insulting them and rambling with no substance.

Well, Trump is helpless, you see. He likes the attention.

When the man addresses the people of his country —

It feels as if a juvenile of a President is desperately trying to assert, impose, and force his ideologies, wants, and desires on the citizens of the States.

He could most definitely use a lollipop. And that's when people realise that his addressal was no less than a full fledged 'Donald Trump Show' .

These are tough times and almost the entire country of the US holds Trump accountable for lousy management, delay in action, and basically for being Trump. You get a sinking feeling in your heart when you realise that you're going to be dealing with him at least till the end of his tenure in 2021.

The Coronavirus crisis could have been dealt with efficiently had Trump realised the gravity of the situation. Only last week on being asked by an NBC reporter Peter Alexander what he would like to say to the Americans who were scared, Trump lashed out and barked, 'I'd say you are a terrible reporter. I think that's a very nasty question, and I think that's a very bad signal that you're putting out to the American people.'

Of course, his response was utterly stupid and irresponsible like it usually is.

He has been known for his endless tirades against the media and his disregard for American news. So, it didn't come as a surprise when he blustered shamelessly about how he despised the press and saw fake news often. All this while, he did not care about addressing the issue and conveying that he hoped for his people to be safe and sound in the time of crisis.

Democrat Hoax

If you remember, he called Coronavirus a 'Democrat Hoax' a few days back in February. In a press conference in Davos, Switzerland, Trump was asked by a reporter if there were any worries about the pandemic at this point. He insisted —

No. Not at all. And we have it totally under control. It's one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It's going to be just fine.

Today, America's people are in danger; they are fighting, suffering, and dying at the hands of the President who chose to stick his head in the ground and failed at timely precaution. Despite consistent warning from the intelligence community regarding the threat, Trump officials made judgements and decisions that threatened the safety of Americans. Trump failed his people and continued to fail the country as well.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, President Trump has offered differing responses.

The crippling economy of the US is a testimony to his ignorance and incompetence. Even as the death toll continues to rise and 26th March 2020 was the deadliest day with 237 new deaths reported in US — Trump yet again announced that the US market will soon open up in weeks.

While the President is contemplating the actions ahead, the Governors and Mayors have been distastefully voicing their disappointment in the government for its failure in boosting the production of safety equipment and increasing the supply of ventilators, masks, and sanitisers. This has led to people relying on the federal government to tackle the pandemic. The Mayors and the Governors have been a stalwart in helping the people during the crisis.

It is not Trump's Dorian, it is rather a painfully slow 9/11. It is one of the most intimidating disasters unfold - tragic and too quick for the news to perceive it.

A catastrophe that hit the world unannounced, it is bigger and more dangerous than all the events in the past combined. From 2008's recession to the threatening downturn in the US due to the stock market crash in 1987, there hasn't been a situation more grave and threatening in the history of the US.


Coronavirus Threatens To Thrust US Real Estate Into A Devastating Depression

The public health and the government is up to no good, while the germaphobe President slugs it out on Twitter with his friends and foes.

18 Researchers and infectious-disease modelling experts from University of Massachusetts Amherst, have predicted that the end of the year 2020 is going to witness around 195,000 deaths in the US. The most severe of the models even predicted a million deaths by the end of the year. People of America are going to die and their families are going to hold Trump responsible. While the citizens will most definitely avenge the deaths of hundreds on Nov 3 — all they can do at this time is stay within their houses and support each other while the world fights the coronavirus pandemic.

Special Thanks To Priyadarshni Bishnoi

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