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Corona Trumps Up POTUS Chances Of Another Term At The White House

Corona delivers a booster shot for Trump's re-election. Trump's battle against coronavirus could win him re-election.

With the prime focus of Americans on their safety and well-being, 2020 US presidential polls seem to have lost its gleam. Can this help Donald Trump in securing another term as the president?

Virus blessings in Disguise — POTUS smiles

If the daily increase in the number of deaths and people infected with coronavirus and the economy crashing were not enough problems for Americans to deal with, there is another possibility that may add to their discomfort. And that is another term of Donald Trump as the US President.

As the pandemic will throw challenges in the whole process of in-person voting with people queuing up at the voting stations and touching a voting machine defeating the very purpose of social distancing.

Watch: President Trump's update briefing on the latest on coronavirus crisis from The White House —

What has worried most Americans is an editorial piece published in The Atlantic that says—

Under President Trump, the possibilities of how the coronavirus could wreak havoc on the election are concerning. This is not a president who cares about the sanctity of the electoral process.

Republicans control 30 state legislatures compared to 19 states

As we know that Americans don't directly vote for the president. Rather they vote for members of Electoral College who vote for the president. However, in times of crisis, states have powers to decide on the Electoral College. The article in The Atlantic adds that If Trump were to ask states to appoint electors instead of having an election, they certainly might follow his request, especially those states where Trump is popular. Also, since Republicans control 30 state legislatures compared to 19 states controlled by Democrats, this seems like a possibility.

Hence, Trump and Republicans could use coronavirus to tilt the results in their favor.

1864 Abraham Lincoln Second Term

What is interesting is that in 1864 Abraham Lincoln sought his second presidential term when the country was in crisis of war. During a speech, Lincoln admitted that —

He might not be the best man to lead the nation but 'it was not best to swap horses when crossing streams.

His theory bore fruit and he won the 1864 elections with 55 percent majority. Since, then many other incumbents seeking re-election have adopted the same philosophy. Talking to New York Post, Helmut Norpoth, a political science professor at Stony Brook University, says —

In American history, more often than not, wartime elections have resulted in unexpected vote gains for the incumbent president and his party.'

Donald Trump — The Wartime President

Donald Trump has been already pitching himself as 'wartime president' for the efforts his administration is undertaking to contain the spread of coronavirus. Trump's case of re-election in the time of pandemic has been working in his favor as polls suggest. The Gallup poll released last week showed that Trump's support has increased by 5 points from 49 to 60. It seems 60% of the population is satisfied with the way he is handling the coronavirus crisis.

Twitterati Corona Cheers For Trump's Re-election

Whatever said and done, this is a time of crisis. It is a moment in history that will define the future of the country and Americans. Whosoever will become the next US president will have a lot of issues, from health crisis to crashing economy, to take care of.

This is a race that is totally dependent on the response to the current health and economic crisis that the country is facing. Surely, victory in the battle against Coronavirus can win Trump re-election All we can hope is for fair elections and may the best man win.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author after studying data and media reports. These are all assumptions and may or may not hold truth in the long run.

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