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Everything You Need To Know About Indiana Jones 5

Harrison Ford will reprise his role for the fifth time with three other Marvel stars in the upcoming Indiana Jones 5. After years of patience and struggle, Indiana Jones 5 has started production. Some of the faces have been finalized, and Harrison Ford will reprise Indiana Jones in the movie.

After Disney bought Lucasfilm, home to the most fantastic Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, it was made sure that the streaming platform will come up with at least one Indiana Jones movie.

There were reports in 2016 that suggested that Indiana Jones is finally happening , and the fans were waiting for it since then. The fans saw no progress but saw multiple writers coming to write the film and leaving.

The movie was continuously getting delayed, and as a result, even the director, Steven Spielberg, also left. Filled with despair, the fans lost all hopes and accepted the harsh truth that the film might never happen.

The Silver Lining

The new director, James Mangold, came in and continued progressing. After numerous writers and changing directors, it finally seems like a silver lining. There are a pair of photos that suggest that Indiana Jones 5 is finally happening and is under-production.

According to Deadline, Indiana Jone 5 began production in the UK in June. The fans have spotted Harrison Ford dressed for his iconic role. And, the cast is not just limited to Harrison Ford; three faces from Marvel have joined the Indiana Jones' cast.

The First Marvel star who joined back in April is Doctor Strange's Mads Mikkelsen. The movie will bring a character from Doctor Strange, Shaunette Renee Wilson. Lastly, Captain America's Toby Jones as Indy's new sidekick was also seen in some pictures walking with Indy on the movie set.

The Cast

The cast is being revealed as the movie progresses towards the release date. We shall get to see some more popular faces, including Thomas Kretschmann from King Kong, Phoebe Waller-Bridge from Fleabag, and Boyd Holbrook from The Predator.

Though the plot facts are limited, getting to know that the film will arrive sometime is a great relief. The movie will bring back Harrison Ford on his journey and possibly will be set in the 1960s.

There are speculations that state that the movie will pick up from Indiana Jones' fourth instalment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The reports suggest that Nazis will come back on the screen, and the entire movie will revolve around the space race.

All the photos that have come over the internet suggest that the movie will be a classic Indiana Jones movie. From the images, it seems as if Indy is either saving Toby Jones or escaping the Nazis somehow.

So, the movie is now for sure in production and will make it to the screen. Let's hope it turns out to be worth waiting for such a long time and takes up the Indiana fever to another level.

The film was announced in 2020 and was told to be in pre-production, but it never came out. Finally, Indiana Jones is expected to hit the theatres on 29th July 2022, with another blockbuster scheduled on the same date, Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam.

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