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How Loki Fix Loopholes In Avengers Timeline

The Avengers: Endgame's time heist was really 'supposed to happen', or Marvel is just connecting the dots with Loki? The first episode of the awaited Marvel TV series, Loki, has finally come on Disney+. The arrival of the first episode was as chaotic as one can expect. It just solved a massive loophole that had been in the fans' minds since the Avengers: Endgame.

The episode started with glimpses of the Avengers: Endgame, 2012 time heist, which was a treat to watch. But, as the story progresses and Loki lands in the Gobi desert, Mongolia, the entire story flips and catches speed.

Loki is innocent

The biggest catch in the series Loki is not being questioned for crimes he actually committed, but instead, he is being interrogated for breaking the sacred timeline. The God of Mischief furiously asks the TVA why he is being charged with violating the sacred timeline and where the Time Variance Authority was when Avengers performed their stunt of time heist.

Loki clarifies that it is not him responsible for messing up with the timeline; it's actually the Avengers who are 'time criminals'. Loki states that he got into an alternate timeline just because he had to escape the Avengers' captivity, for which he took hold of the Tesseract, and the rest is history.

From one captivity to another, Loki is certainly not having a good day, the God of Mischief even tries to bargain his freedom with the TVA, and in return, he will bring the real culprits, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Avengers, to them.

Fixing the loophole

What happens next can be satisfying because Marvel fixed a loophole, but at the same time can be absurd. TVA tells Loki, 'What they did was supposed to happen. You escaping was not.' This seems as if Marvel is just badly trying to connect the dots, which could fill some past loopholes.

The clause provided by the TVA makes sense as to why they didn't show up when the Avengers travelled back in time and gathered the infinity stones. And, maybe it's just comic book logic that must be accepted if you want to stay hooked on the series.

Little do we know about the sacred timeline and the Time Variance Authority for now. Maybe there is a lot of clarification that comes forth and clears the dust, as Marvel doesn't make such mistakes of leaving such loopholes.

The mystery of D.B. Cooper

Not just the Avengers: Endgame loophole, Loki's first episode solved a 50-year-old American mystery, the mystery of D.B. Cooper and that too in Loki style. In short, D.B. Cooper was another of Loki's mischief, and he was compelled to do this as a result of losing a bet to his brother, Thor.

The mystery that D.B. Cooper was never found after the robbery because he never returned to Earth, but Asgard via Bifrost. As a result, the money rained down, which is another unsolved tale. The robbery that was thought off to be so brilliantly planned was nothing but mischief by the God of Mischief himself.

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