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Loki Is Going To Kang The Conqueror With The Time Stone

Six infinity stones and six episodes of Loki indicate that the last episode based on the time stone will bring Kang the Conqueror. The Infinity stones that hold the power of mass extinction were just mere paperweights in the Time Variance Authority. These colourful pebbles were not introduced in the first episode to just show the supremacy of TVA, but it seems that they impact the sinusoidal wave of events happening in Loki.

MCU makes sure that its fan base has so much on its mind that they keep coming up with stories and speculations. Now, Loki has been an excellent source of such stories, and it doesn't seem to end soon, even after the TV series finishes.

The latest story from a TikTok user suggests that Infinity stones are the real deal behind Loki's magnificence. The story indicates that Loki's creators have made the episodes so that they fit in with the characteristics of the six infinity stones.

The six infinity stones, time, space, mind, reality, power, and soul, are Loki's episodes' genuine souls, which could be proven with some analysis. Let's have a look at each episode with the respective stone it was based on.

Glorious Purpose and the soul stone

The TVA captured Loki, the color of the TVA logo was orange, the walls around are orange, and the majority appears painted orange like the soul stone. Soul stone imposes something related to emotions and feelings, which the episode begins with.

The episode's title has the word 'purpose' in it, which shows that Loki will play a dynamic character now, once in history. Then some scenes portray how emotional Loki is when it comes to his family, especially his mother.

Variant and the reality stone

The reality stone is red, and so is the scene when Sylvie appears. The episode seems to maintain the tinge of red, especially when anything remarkable happens. The episode often shows Loki struggling to figure out his reality and where Sylvie comes from.

Lamentis and the power stone

The entire planet is covered in a purple hue like the power stone. The episode brings forth times when both Loki and Sylvie showcase their powers and resonate with how both of them stand powerless in front of the apocalypse and the TVA.

The Nexus Event and the mind stone

The mind stone is the yellow-colored stone that is one of the commonly used stones in the MCU. MCU fans are used to seeing the mind stone as part of the vision and the same being used in the Loki scepter.

The entire episode was focused on people changing their minds; it began with Mobius coming to terms that all of them are variants captured by the TVA when Loki explained it to him. Later Hunter B-15 was compromised when Sylvie enchanted her to show her her past.

Journey into Mystery and the space stone

The touch of blue in the episode when Tom Hiddleston's Loki meets his four Loki variants would be enough to satisfy the stones' color theory. The episode also shows the green color of the time stone at places, but the episode revolves around the space stone.

The episode's title, 'Journey into Mystery,' gives a vibe of traveling through space and time, which this episode does the most. First, Loki has traveled to the void after being pruned, and then Sylvie self prunes herself to come to Loki's rescue and find the Time Keepers.

Sixth episode and the Time stone

The time stone deserves to be the concluding stone of the TV series as the series revolves around from the time it has begun. The green color of the Time stone is the color of every mischief by the God of Mischief and the enchantments by Sylvie.

The last Loki episode will show who the actual timekeepers are when Loki and Sylvie find their way inside the castle, seen after Alioth was enchanted. The episode may see the appearance of Kang the Conqueror, which will take the already high on time travel tv series even higher.

Talking about the time stone, it's essential to keep in mind the bond it shares with Doctor Strange and with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on the line; the Loki finale can give us moments to cherish with a lot of potential speculation.

Five episodes have been released, and the final episode of Loki will be live on Wednesday, 14 July.

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