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Marvel Sceptical To Green Light Dark Or Young Avengers

A new Reddit leak confirms Marvel is indeed working towards the Dark Avengers and the Young Avengers

Reddit user u/noneofyourdizness recently revealed a long list of leaks from Marvel. While most of them were far-fetched, one particular leak does seem to rise above the rest. And this was the one that said that Marvel is indeed debating about how to go about Dark Avengers and Young Avengers. Balancing both groups is tough and unless perfect, it is unlikely for Marvel to give it a go.

The present scenario of the MCU branding stands for the core Avengers defeating epic villains. This is completely different from the Young Avengers who are youngsters fighting crime while their parents are away. However, there is a thin line in the middle with superheroes like Spider-Man who is a key superhero and yet falls under the group of youngsters, hiding his identity from Aunt May. He is perhaps the only superhero who is a youngster and as well as a member of the core Avengers. However, as of now, he is the only one of the kind.

Marvel needs to chalk out this shift in its branding very carefully. They cannot ruin their present branding for the sake of a new one. At the same time, a new branding is necessary to continue the legacy of the MCU. No superhero or supervillain can live forever and they will have to pass on their mantels.

Dark Avengers

In the comics, the Dark Avengers were formed by Norman Osborn who is soon to show up in Spider-Man: No Way Home. While some details from the comics will not be possible in the MCU anymore, we can expect a new team of Dark Avengers with the same 'dark' motive.

Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine AKA Madame Hydra (TFATWS) can be the head of the team. We already have John Walker AKA US Agent whom Fontaine hired at the end of TFATWS. Yelena Belova who will debut in Black Widow was introduced in the comics as Natasha's enemy. She was, in fact, hired by Norman Osborn as a Thunderbolt, a team that predates the Dark Avengers. And although it was revealed that Yelena was none other than Natasha herself and that she was manipulated to believe that she was a double agent, the dynamic can easily be used to make Yelena a Dark Avenger.

Another Dark Avenger that we would love to have in the MCU is Abomination. In the comics, it was Hulk's son Skaar who took up the mantel. However, since we do not have that option anymore, Abomination is the perfect replacement. With his return to the MCU making rounds through She-Hulk, the pathway is set for him already.

Ways to bring Dark Avengers to the MCU

Villains are getting better with time. Villains like Agatha Harkness, Baron Zemo, and Karli Morgenthau have proved that manipulation and strength in numbers can bring down superheroes big time. This is what makes them so compelling and calls for a team of Dark Avengers.

Marvel Phase 4 has not yet shown the death of a single villain. Be it Agatha Harkness, baron Zemo, or Karli Morgenthau. This shows that death is not the deciding factor of everything bad. And this sets the stage for their return.

Young Avengers

Just like the villains, superheroes too will have to step back for newer members to take their place. And this change is about to take place in the MCU. We already had Wiccan and Speed in WandaVision; Cassie Lang, in the Ant-Man movies, whom we also know as Stature in the comics; We have also seen Joaquin Torres in TFATWS who becomes the next Falcon during Sam Wilson's run as Captain America in the comics in 2015. There is also Elijah Bradley, grandson of Isaiah Bradley who is Patriot in the comics. Other than them, Kate Bishop, America Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel, and Riri Williams are about to make their way into the MCU. All these are worthy of becoming the Young Avengers.

With OTT another platform for Marvel now, it is also another layer of consideration for release. While shows are more suited to OTTs, the production giant needs to make sure that it does not lose the theatre-going audience that has given it all the fame it has now. The theatres are where Marvel began and it cannot lose its touch there. Nevertheless, we all hope to see both the dark Avengers and the Young Avengers play their part in the MCU, be it sooner or later.

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