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The 'Pandemic Curse Of The 20s' Theory Is A Hoax

There's a conspiracy theory doing rounds of the internet - that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is part of a 400-year-old pattern of centennial devastation. But that's only looking from one eye.

Highlights: The 20s Pandemic Curse Theory Is A Hoax - Timeline of epidemics (Based on Facts)

  • 541-542: Plague of Justinian
  • 1346-1353: The Black Death
  • 1720-1722: The Great Plague of Marseille
  • 1817-1824: The Cholera Pandemic (Phase 1)
  • 1918-1920: The Spanish Flu (The silent Antichrist)
  • HIV/AIDS Pandemic
  • 2020: The Coronavirus (Battle for The Future)
  • Fact Check (Pandemic Edition)

A number of blogs as well as major media houses like Pakistan's and India's India Today websites have published pieces promoting the theory. The theory suggests that the Earth is bound in a centennial pandemic curse which unleashes its wrath upon the planet every 100 years or so, during the 20s of every century. There couldn't be more misleading ideas in these testing times.

The pandemics that have happened in the previous 4 centuries around the 20s decade are nothing more than a mere coincidence. There are pandemics that have occurred in a different pattern with a higher fatality rate.

Here Is The Pandemic Curse of the 20s Theory Debunked - Nothing More Than A Hoax.

As history as its sole witness, humanity has faced several catastrophic diseases like The Black Death (1346-1353), Plague of Justinian (541-542), HIV/AIDS Pandemic (2005-2012) and many more have wrecked more havoc on the planet than Cholera Pandemic and the Great Plague of Marseille part of the hoax that there is a 20s pandemic curse.

541-542: The Plague Of Justinian

Its origin is said to be from China and some parts of India. It spread from rats. Constantinople, once the capital of The Roman Empire got so badly affected by this that nearly 40% of the population died. The plague got its name from King Justinian, who was the ruler of the Roman Empire at the time.

1346-1353: The Black Death

This disease killed from 75 million to anywhere around 200 million people across the globe. This spread majorly in Europe reducing the population more than half. The buboes in the armpits, neck and groin oozed pus and bled when opened. Their size varied from an egg to the size of an apple.

The Black Death | Image Credits:

1720-1722: The Great Plague of Marseille

The disease killed a total of 100,000 people. This bubonic plague arrived in a city of France named Marseille from a ship that contained rat flea in its cargo. Plague carrying rat flea spread like anything from the infected passengers on the ship to others. It is still considered one of the most deadly epidemics of all time.

The Great Plague of Marseille | Image Credits:

1820: The Cholera Pandemic

Cholera pandemic initiated from the near-about of a city Kolkata (Calcutta at that time) from contaminated rice and the carriers of the disease being flies. The disease reached The Middle East, some parts of Africa and The Mediterranean Coast. The person infected died from severe dehydration and diarrhea. It was so baneful that the deaths reached in six figures with the exact no. still unknown.

1920: The Spanish Flu (The Silent Antichrist)

The origination of the name of this epidemic is still unknown. Many say that the Spanish press was the first one to openly talk about it and hence the name, Spanish Flu. Its initial spread began in a medical camp where many soldiers that suffered various chemical attacks were treated. The H1N1 virus killed about 50 million people across the globe, infecting half a billion. Till date, it is considered one of the most severe pandemics of all time. In the times of World War, this Flu took everyone by surprise.

HIV/AIDS Pandemic

Democratic Republic of Congo, a country in Central Africa in 1976 saw the first identified case of HIV. The STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) has taken 36 million lives across the planet since 1981. It was something the world wasn't prepared for.

There is still no cure for HIV, but treatment can help infected build immunity and live by subduing the effects of the virus.

2020: The Coronavirus (The Battle for The Future)

Covid-19 has been declared a worldwide emergency with most countries under lockdown. This virus originated from Wuhan, a city of China and has spread across every corner of the globe with total no. of deaths tolling up to 6 lacs. If not treated this virus is shown to take the infected person's life within a matter of 14 days approximately.

Nobody knows, when will its destruction come to an end. Many top-notch microbiologists and scientists are working tirelessly to put an end to the agony of many patients and the government is ensuring that the rest stay safe. The severity is such that even the medical students have been asked to join the battle to save humanity for good.

Fact Check(Pandemic Edition)

According to the so-called 20s curse, something disastrous wipes out a major chunk of the world's population endangering the survival of our kind every century or from a couple of past centuries which is not true. The stats of the past few centuries speak for itself.

Pandemics that weren't around the 20s such as HIV/AIDS and The Black Death killed most people ever on earth.

While Spanish Flu killed around 50 million people whereas Cholera (Phase 1) killed 100,000. Pandemics that weren't around the 20s such as HIV/AIDS killed 36 million and The Black Death killed most people ever on earth ranging from 75-200 million. So friends, look out for facts, not conspiracies. The Pandemic Curse of the 20s theory is nothing but some good old hoax.

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