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The Witcher Makers Stealing The Cast Of Vikings

'The Witcher' is being staged as a successor to beloved medieval dramas like 'Game of Thrones and 'Vikings'.

Medieval-inspired shows make up for a perfect escapist watch. While 'Game of Thrones' brought this genre into the mainstream, shows like 'Vikings' and 'The Witcher' have taken their legacy forward. But the makers of 'The Witcher' are trying to establish the show as the next big thing in the fantasy arena by leaving no stone unturned and stealing actors from its predecessors.


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'The Witcher' makers have hit a jackpot as they bagged Laurence O'Fuarain, who starred in both 'Games of Thrones' and 'Vikings', for a lead role in 'The Witcher: Blood Origin'. The prequel series will explore the game-changing 'The Conjunction of the Spheres' and the creation of the first-ever Witcher. As these events have not been explored before in any 'The Witcher' literature, we are uncertain what will constitute the story, but details about Laurence's intriguing characters have been brought to light.

'The Witcher' makers are stealing stars from 'Vikings'

He is going to play a warrior named Fjall committed to a clan of soldiers and entrusted to protect a king. However, he is also battling his inner demons and is deeply afflicted by the loss of a loved one who died protecting him. It is expected that Fjall will face several difficulties on the Continent because of the chaos unleashed by the conjunction of the spheres. Amidst the turmoil, he will try to deal with his inner disquiet and seek redemption. In the process, he will be teaming up with unusual allies to achieve the vengeance he is seeking.

O' Fuarain's character arc seems very beguiling and shows great potential to emerge as a worthy competitor against Henry Cavill's character Geralt of Rivia. While Cavill's Geralt is renowned as the driving force of the Witcher saga, Laurence's Fjall might have an upper hand as it will be a novel and refreshing addition to the Continent's history. Moreover, Fjall could also turn out to be the first Witcher ever created by mages on the Continent so it will be fascinating to see where his journey takes him.

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Before being hired as Fjall in the spin-off series 'The Witcher: Blood Origin', Laurence O'Fuarain had adept experience in this genre. He played the role of Simon in 'Game of Thrones' Season 5. Like Simpson, he was a common man-at-arms committed to House Boulton. Since he was stationed at Winterfell, he fought valiantly in the Battle of Winterfell.

In addition, the Irish actor has starred in both 'Vikings' the show as well as the 2018 film 'Viking Destiny'. In 'Vikings' Season 5, he acted as a gorgeous-looking but despicable ship captain and whale hunter named Hakon from Tamdrup, Vestfold. O'Fuarain is not only a versatile actor by all measures but also owns the screen with his smouldering looks. He is the perfect match for a well-built and headstrong character like Fjall. It will be exciting to witness how he transitions from playing tertiary characters to headlining in 'The Witcher: Blood Origin'.

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'The Witcher: Blood Origin' features various other promising first-time characters. Besides 'Vikings' actor Laurence's Fjall who is a human, 'The Witcher' spin-off will also have characters from the rival species of Elves. Among the Elven folks, there will be Princess Merwyn, a 20-something beauty who specializes in combat with knives. The other female lead is named Ellie 'The Lark' Lithe who was supposed to be played by 'Queen & Slim' actor Jodie Turner-Smith until she dropped out due to scheduling reasons. The list of strong female character goes on as a character code-named 'G' is set to be a vivacious assassin who enjoys creating chaos and will be a 'true wildcard'.

'The White Princess' actor Jacob Collins-Levy has also been confirmed to play the role of Captain Eredin who is famous in the novels and video games of 'The Witcher' as 'the King of the Wild Hunt'. The prequel series will mostly explore the early adventures of Eredin as he is also set to appear in 'The Witcher' Season 2.

'The Witcher: Blood Origin' will also portray a powerful woman named Fabri who is over the moon after acquiring magical powers. A character code-named 'Z' will be used as a mystical conduit with cerebral palsy. An intelligent Elven scientist named Salliche, his handmaiden wife, Kaali and Utharis, a cunning sellsword will also appear in the spin-off series. 'The Witcher: Blood Origin' is set to be a riot of imaginative tales and bold characters with the filming expected to begin soon this year.

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