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A Trade-off Of Death On The Day Of Resurrection — Is Trump Incorrigible?

After what could only be known as the deadliest attack on the US economy, President Trump is back at it with chin up in the air and all sense of reasoning right out of the window. During a brief done by him on Friday at the White House, Trump could, however, be seen at a loss of words. Not that 'incredible' doesn't count, but the listeners had had it enough.

While addressing the media, Trump could not stress enough on the importance of the safety of his fellow Americans. He seemed to be trying too hard, albeit it was too late. The message had long been delivered. A narcissistic excuse of a President — he has been changing his tune constantly to tackle the backlash and disappointment in him among the American citizens.

Watch: President Trump Has Changed His Stance On Coronavirus Pandemic Multiple Times

  • The Risk To American People Remains Very Low at 0.15
  • Declared National Emergency at 1.18
  • This Is A Pandemic at 1.22
  • This Is Their (Democrats) New Hoax at 1.54

Delusional Trump Than Ever Before

At the time when the US and the rest of the world are caught helpless in the hold of a deadly coronavirus pandemic, the President of the United States couldn't be any more delusional. On being asked what he wanted from the Governors, Trump distastefully insisted —

All I want them to do, very simple, I want them to be appreciative. I don't want them to say things that aren't true. I want them to be appreciative. We've done a great job.

Tirade Against The Governors

Blabbering and boasting as he does more often than not, Trump continued his tirade against the governors who haven't appreciated him yet —

We have done a job the likes of which nobody's seen,' — Trump said. 'I think they should be appreciative, because you know what, when they're not appreciative to me, they're not appreciative to the Army Corps, they're not appreciative to FEMA, it's not right.'

Because apparently, the federal system, the Army Corps, and all those who've been constantly grinding round the clock to aid the patients should be collectively represented by this self-obsessed egomaniac. Yes, it boils down to that and yes, your heart is literally sinking right now thinking that you elected this imbecile to lead the US.

Well, it sure doesn't seem like they've done a great job. The US witnessed a two-fold increase in the confirmed cases of Covid-19 within a mere 4 days. The death toll in US is on the rise and the positive cases have surpassed the count of 120,529 beating China to the top.

This is not the definition of great. And this is most definitely not the kind of competition that America planned on winning.

The people of America are fighting the greatest challenge in history under the leadership of a man who should be the last person to take the charge in the given circumstances. While the total number of deaths has reached 2,008 and the scientists think that it is not going to stop anytime soon, the great President of America Donald Trump, in conversation with Fox News during a virtual town hall on coronavirus pandemic, talked about opening up the market on this Easter.

You can't just come in and say let's close up the United States of America, said the President who believes that a crippled economy would be more devastating than the thousands of dead bodies lined up and hundreds of thousands of citizens at the mercy of the insufficient healthcare in the US.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pointed out, 'It took 67 days from the first reported case to cross 100,000 cases, 11 days for second 100,000 cases, and just four days for the third 100,000 cases.' While the pandemic is accelerating — Donald Trump is busy playing the blame game with governors and federals of the US government. Because, apparently, the man's got no balls to take up the responsibility.

A self-proclaimed wartime President, Trump has horrified health experts and professionals with his intentions of making some difficult trade-offs, as The White House so sophisticatedly put.

Too Little Too Late — Make Up Your Mind Mr. Trump

Has Trump seemingly dug his own grave by being a pompous and overconfident — who kept ignoring his intelligence reports and information until it was too late for repentance. Now that the elections are closer and the President is envisaging a bit of a problem, he would do everything in his power to work up the US economy — not realizing that the deaths of thousands due to the pandemic will still continue to hit and haunt America hard despite opening up the markets.

Will Trump lose his Presidency or will he be known forever as the wartime President who in the end fell short!?

Special Thanks To Contributing Author Priyadarshini Bishnoi

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