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Why Conversations About Racism Belong In The Classroom

Many teachers might choose to suppress classroom discussions about racism because they don't want to create a negative mood in the classroom. Some feel they don't have enough time, the age is not right, a certain race might win in terms of numbers, and so on.

Despite the fears, racism is real in society and its negative notions are passed down to the children. It will only be good to start a healthy discussion in the classroom to let the students know its effect on society and how students can change its stereotype.

The silent reality

For many years, racism has been a thorny issue in society and the problem seems like it will not end soon. Although the issue of color might seem thornier, racism is much more rooted in society than it might seem.

The US communities originated from various geographic regions around the world. There are Jews, Asians, Hispanics, Whites, Hawaiians, Native Indians, and Blacks. There has been a silent fight between all these races but no one wants to come to reality and openly talk about it and the classroom might the place lasting solutions will come from.

Are children aware of racism?

Children discover new things daily, like who is friendly to them, who are their parents, siblings and so on. They learn new phrases and words that give them a sense of their surroundings and the things they can do. They can categorize everything in terms of what they are and what they are not.

This discovery makes them explore more throughout their years of development. What they hear their parents and older siblings discuss stay in their minds and when they join the school, they continue to hear the same things, which affirms what they had heard as true.

One such negative issue is racism and that's how the older generations teach the younger generations about racism even without directly saying it. Children are therefore aware of racism.

Where could you read more about the racism?

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Addressing racism in the classroom

When introducing the topic of racism to the classroom, the teacher should not assume that the children or students know nothing about the issue. It will not be an introduction to racism but a discussion about the subject.

Judge yourself first

You could be having biases or stereotypes about racism and probably have a negative view about a certain race in your heart already. Your students might have already noticed this bias in you and if you try to bring up this topic, they might fail to respond positively.

Introduce the topic wisely

Your role will not be to tell your students what to do, but you should introduce the topic from the angle of helping each other get solutions. You must first identify the reality of the problem because the children already know it exists.

Be ready to deal with negative reactions

Depending on how deeply the issue of racism is in the hearts of your students, there might be a negative reaction if a particular portion of students in the classroom has been negatively affected. You must know how to balance the two. You don't want to start a fight in your classroom but to light a fire of love.

The truth and nothing less

Do not go around the topic but hit it straight on the head because that is the reality. Talk openly about people of color and whites and the stigma or hatred that existed between the two for many years. Give your students freedom to discuss but be on the lookout lest things get out of control and then conclude with the way forward.


The topic of racism has been a thorny issue for many generations, yet no one is willing to help remove the thorn through dialogue. The classroom might be the right place to deal with the matter once and for all so that starting with the current generation. The future generations can live as one people and not people of differing races. There is a need for someone to stand up and face the issue of racism head-on once for all.

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