Thursday, 04 Jan, 7.09 am

Bhima Koregaon violence: They were different with their silence

While most part of Mumbai saw protesters going on a rampage, obstructing vehicle and train movement, nearly 40 youngsters staged a different kind of protest. Standing outside Dadar station (East) with placards, they held a silent protest march without causing any obstructions. The youth belonging to Ambedkarite Revolutionary Force, a group of young Ambedkar followers, were upset with the Bhima-Koregaon incident but causing disruptions in the city was not their way of expressing discontent.

"We sat outside Dadar station holding our placards with messages clearing stating that we oppose the government's apathy towards the people who had gathered at Pune to pay respect at the memorial. This is an annual gathering, where people from the community come together but no proper arrangement was made for them. There were people ready to attack them and the government let it happen," said Shivam Khandejog, one of the protesters.

There were nearly 35-40 people who had gathered outside the station and they protested since morning till the time the protest was called off. The banners had various messages, including that action be taken against the culprits behind the violence in Pune.

They also condemned the inaction of local authorities in Pune.