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14-year-old Indian boy creates a 'life saving drone'

An Indian teenager has created a 'life saving drone' to make the world more safe. 14-year-old Joshua Elvis Rodrigues has created the drone that can be used for rescuing people during natural disasters. Joshua Elvis Rodrigues has created a hexacopter named 'SEARES ' and claims that it can save the life of people during natural disasters without any human intervention.

The drone is equipped with a thermal imaging camera to the base, LED lights and a solar panel. These will help the drone to detect people under the rubble and also aid the operators to control it.

"My drone is a hexacopter or a 6-rotor drone. In a situation with falling debris, a normal drone can get hit or damaged. But this type of drone frame can fly even if two of its rotors are down, meaning it has a better chance of completing the mission", Joshua Elvis Rodrigues said to Khaleej Times.

" It has Artificial Intelligence and the victim's body dimensions are uploaded to the interface. It then cross-references the data with the camera to find survivors. There are paraboloids at the front and back to decrease air resistance", he added.

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