Saturday, 23 Jun, 6.05 am East Coast Daily

Anil Kumble's Company is Making Chips, but its Not What You Think

No, Anil Kumble is not planning on a company that makes chips like Lays or Bingo or have any plans to rival Frito Lay.

India's leading wicket taker in test matches has always known to advocate technology to help improve players and his new innovation is a 'chip' that goes as a sticker into cricket bats. The chip will help track a number of attributes of the shots played by a batsman from bat speed, power to whether it has hit the sweet spot of the bat etc. His tech is all set to debut in Tamil Nadu Premier League this year which begins on July 11.

"Spektacom is a unique concept whereby a chip-like sticker is stuck at the top-end behind the bat.