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Coronavirus analysis data reveals shocking information about virus spread

An analysis of data of Coronavirus shows that the number of infected males who have contracted the deadly coronavirus is nearly double than of the females and the age group of 19-35 years.

As per the official data, about 5.16 lac (65.11 per cent) males have contracted the infection, while 2.76 lac (34.89 per cent) females have been affected by the virus.

As per the data, the young population between the age group of 19- 35 years, which has seen a share of 33.12 per cent in the total caseload and only 7.72 per cent cases have been seen in the high risk age group of 65 years and above.

The analysis of COVID deaths by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) has shown that around 48 per cent of mortality due to infectious disease has taken place in the age group of less than 60 years.

As per the data, around 51.9 per cent of deaths have been reported in 60 or above age group.

While the government in the press briefings has maintained that comorbidity is a major contributor for deaths in India and as per, the official website of the Health Ministry, the comorbid condition has led to 70 per cent deaths in the country.

The IDSP analysis, however, shows in 43 per cent of the deaths, there were no known comorbidities conditions, about 57 per cent cases saw death due to co-morbid conditions.

The analysis includes a total of 17,834 deaths reported amongst COVID-19 patients by the IDSP State Surveillance Units and the case fatality rate is 3 per cent.

The analysis found that three states; Delhi, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh were not updating comorbidity data regularly.

The gender distribution of the deceased shows that 68 per cent of deaths have taken place in males and 32 per cent deaths were there in females.

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