Saturday, 15 Feb, 3.43 pm East Coast Daily

'Love Jihad': Muslim man marries Hindu girl after forcibly converting her

A Hindu woman from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh has lodged a complaint with police that she was forcibly converted to Islam by a man. In the complaint filed with Shimla DC office, the woman accuses that she was forced to marry him also, reported OPIndia.

As per the complaint, the man took the woman to Delhi on the pretext of getting her a job there and marrying her. But after reaching Delhi, he informed that he is already married and had two kids. After knowing this the woman refused to marry him.

But the man and his sister beat her and then converted to Islam without her consent and will and forced to marry him. The woman also alleges that she was made to eat beef and also was abandoned in a cemetery by his relatives.

After escaping from his custody the woman reached Shimla and filed the complaint against the man named Shami.

But the accused, Shami claimed that he was in love with the woman and married her as she was divorced. He also accused that the woman is misguided by some one and is intentionally relating the issue with 'Love Jihad'.

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