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Luxury Italian brand Boarini Milanesi launched the world's most expensive bag. Check out how much it cost

The Italian luxury brand Boarini Milanesi has launched a 6 million euro bag (approximately 5.5 million Pounds). Thus it becomes the most expensive bag ever in the world. 800 thousand euros (approximately 720 thousand Pounds) of the proceeds will be donated to cleaning the seas. "We used to spend every summer at sea, between Greece and Turkey, and I was happiest when we would go on boat trips between the islands," says Matteo Rodolfo, founder of the brand.

"Recently, I have seen even more plastic in the sea than when I was a child, due to the pandemic and all the gloves and face masks that are being carelessly thrown away. This reminded me of my father, who used to dive into the water to collect the plastic bags and bottles floating in the sea and help me wipe the patches of tar that I found on the beach when I was building sandcastles off my hands. This is why he decided to do something to help raise people's awareness of the need to respect the environment, dedicating this particular bag to my father, who cared so much about the crystal clear waters of the seas and oceans," he added.

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