Tuesday, 21 Nov, 12.06 pm East Coast Daily

Price of luxury mineral water used by Virat Kohli will make you stunned

The Beverly Hills 9OH2O's diamond package is the most expensive bottle of water available in India. The limited edition has only nine 1-liter bottles available in India.

The bottle contains spring water from Beverly Hills and the bottle contains a white gold cap studded with white diamonds.

Indian Skipper Virat Kohli had revealed that he drinks Evian water. The luxury brand coast Rs. 600 per liter. Virat is known to be extremely health conscious had said that the specially imported water plays a key role in staying fit.

The small sized bottle of Evian band water bottle costs around Rs. 240 in India. It is a half liter bottle. Virat always orders Evian water bottle when he visits restaurants. It is heard that he mostly carries the Evian bottles with him wherever he goes citing that they may not be available everywhere.

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