Wednesday, 08 May, 8.05 am East Coast Daily

This school enrolls Sheep as students for maintaining the class open throughout

According to the news reports Fifteen sheep have been enrolled in a class in Primary school located in France after parents feared falling pupil numbers would see some classes closed.

The move came after the school in Crêts en Belledonne, a village at the foot of the Alps was told one of its 11 classes would be closed after numbers fell from 266 to 261.

Added to register was a pupil called "Baa-bete" and another called "Saute-Mouton" - the sheepish equivalent of 'leapfrog' - in a comic ceremony watched by children, parents and teachers.

The teachers have asserted that now they have no chance to close any class.

On Tuesday morning a local herder and his dog came to school with some 50 sheep in tow, 15 of whom were "officially" registered after showing their birth certificates.

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