Wednesday, 04 Jul, 8.06 am East Coast Daily

Top School Issues guidelines dictating the Colour of Innerwear for girls

A top Pune school's recent directive on innerwear for girl students has left several parents baffled. Authorities at Vishwashanti Gurukul issued a set of new guidelines, dictating the colour of innerwear for girls.

Girls should wear white coloured or skin coloured innerwear, states a listing in the school diary of the new academic session. Further, parents complained that the school forced them to sign this decree to make sure everyone abides by the rules or else strict action will be taken.

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Several parents objected to the rules, however, the school has ignored all complaints. In its defence, the school claims that the new rule has been implemented for the safety of girl students.

Angry parents later gathered outside the school premises to protest against the rules. According to reports, the school has also reportedly allotted fixed slots when students of each class can visit the washroom or drink water.

Parents have now approached the Director of Primary Education with their complaints.