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    A DU Student's Parents Were 'Physically Beaten & Attempted Rape'; Noida Police Has Not Taken Adequate Actions

    ZWe always hear cribbing from people around us how the police does not really do much or the crime rate and the feeling of being unsafe keep rising in the city. However, it only becomes a reality when you come across real life stories about stuff happening to people around you. These incidents make you realise the exact situation going...

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    What Is Passive Suicidal Ideation?

    Have you ever felt like committing suicide but not dying? Sounds strange, right? If you think it is a very weird thing and you have never felt anything like this, you are lucky mate! However, if you are someone who has had this feeling, then it's time you reach out for medical help. This feeling of dying without pain or naturally, without putting any external efforts is called Passive Suicidal Ideation. ...

    • an hour ago
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    In Pics: 7 Books That Inspired BTS's Album Themes And Music

    Being a fan of BTS is the best thing ever. And it is a bonus all together if you love reading books. Even if you don't, you will not miss out on these books because to sometimes understand what BTS is saying, you gotta know about the books they refer to. BTS is known to develop themes and lyrics inspired by their reading selection. And to decipher their theories and endless puzzles...

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    Breakfast Babble: Why Do We Have To Mock Those Who Watch Cringy TV Serials?

    Breakfast Babble is ED's own little space on the interwebs where we gather to discuss ideas and get pumped up (or not) for the day. We judge things too. Sometimes. Always. Whatever, call it catharsis and join in people. There is no doubt that most of the millennial generation just cannot stand the filth that is being put up in the name of Indian TV serials these...

    • 7 hrs ago
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    From Self-Love, Narcissism To Narcissistic Personality Disorder - What Really Happens?

    'You Should Go And Love yourself!' Self-love has no definition per se. When you accept your flaws and your virtues just as they are, care for your own well-being, content with your own company and give priority to your choices and to yourself - then Kudos! That's exactly what self-love is. Self-Love Gone Wrong Quite similar, yet hugely...

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    This Indian Fitness Centre Makes Yoga Fun, Have You Tried It Yet?

    The amount of stress, depression, anxiety, obesity that the people of this world are dealing with nowadays is not something shocking but it sure is troublesome and something to be taken care of. And Sarvesh Shashi has done exactly that. At the age of 27, this young entrepreneur has raised the level of fitness and fun by way of interactive yoga and mindfulness. This unique idea of...

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    Watch: Five Revolutionary Movements Led By Common Man After Independence

    The power of people in a democracy, is not just confined to the pages of political ideologies, but the streets that have witnessed agitation and protests. 72 years back, when Gandhiji went on strikes and travelled miles as a symbol of 'Satyagraha', he left behind him, a legacy that generations followed. Time and again, people have put in their blood and sweet...

    • 10 hrs ago
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    Watch: We Wouldn't Need A LGBTQ Revolution, If 10th Class Biology Included This

    The 10th class books currently portray gender as being biologically binary. Either a person can have XY chromosomes along with male genitals or a person can have XX chromosomes along with female genitals. The former is supposed to like female and prefer having sex with them. Whereas, the latter, is supposed to be attracted to men and prefer having sex with them....

    • 10 hrs ago
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    LivED It: What's It Like To Attend A Two States Kinda Wedding In Real Life?

    Weddings in India are as big a deal as perhaps education. A wedding is considered to be the ultimate rite of passage for people, in a country like ours. However, marriages aren't cakewalk. There are rules and regulations around who you can marry and how you can marry them. While some unions are 'socially and familially' approved, others are often beyond...

    • 2 days ago
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    I Can't Stand 'Mohabbatein' One Bit: Hope It Shows In My Rants Here

    I remember the year 2000 very vividly. It was the year right after 1999, a few months after all the world-ending, rabble-rousing Y2K hysteria had died down. Back then, Hrithik Roshan was all the craze. Not because his KNPH was such a great film (although, admittedly it was a blockbuster) but, because everyone was like, "Man, that guy can dance!" Until then, the best...