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Here's why #BoycottFood is trending on Twitter in India

A glimpse at the trending hashtags on our side of the world would leave any non-Indian flabbergasted. A month back, we were busy boycotting Tanishq for doing an ad based on an inter-faith marriage story, while a few days back, the boycott call was for the OTT platform Netflix, for airing a series that showed an inter-faith couple kissing in a temple. The latest boycott call is, however, for something that one wouldn't have ever thought of - food. This, as you think is not popularised by the beauty industry, but is rather sarcastic and much more current.

While scores of farmers across the country are protesting in Delhi (or trying to at least) against the central government's new farm laws, a number of them clashed with the police at various borders. Many were detained, while others were hit by water cannons and tear gas. At the same time, many took to Twitter to call them anti-nationals.

This was when the Twitterati decided to strike back and give them some food for thought (pun intended). Why not boycott food, if the providers of food are anti-nationals, they sought. "Our Jawans are fighting at the border but you still want food? #boycottfood. By the way they are fighting at Delhi - Haryana border, with our farmers," reads a tweet. "Just ordered rice less Chicken Biryani from zomato. #boycottfood," tweeted another.

Here are a few:

But is somebody really going to take this seriously and boycott all farm produces from now on? Let us wait and watch.

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