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Insta Karma! Instagrammer shames acid attack survivor, gets trolled in response

Anmol Rodriguez isn't an unknown name to Instagrammers all over the country. Someone who was attacked with acid when she was a two-month-old baby by her father and grew up in hospitals and orphanages, she now runs an NGO called Acid Attack Survivors Saahas in Mumbai. She is also a very popular in social media and promotes positivity in online platforms.

But recently, the internet decided to show its ugly face to her too and this would put all the trolls to shame. An Instagram user named Rajshree (@raj_lopa) decided to shame Anmol for putting out her own photographs on her page. In a 16-message-long rant, she called Anmol 'cheap' and 'disgusting' and even more disturbing terms.

See them for yourself:

But as we say, Karma surely does exist. This time, it worked through Anmol's fans and admirers who decided to give Rajshree a dose of her own medicine. Minutes after Anmol posted the screenshots of the message, Rajshree's instagram posts were flooded with hate comments.

"Be a human. She's very pretty. At least she knows what respect is and what a good heart is," read one of them. "You're a burden to this earth," read another one.

Anmol was obviously disappointed at the messages, but she is overwhelmed by the love people have for her. "I rarely get this kind of messages. But I'm happy that so many people are taking a stand for me. All my followers are genuine" she says. And she's got just one thing to say to everyone who's been shamed by trolls - "Haters are going to hate. You keep doing what you love to do."