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Rahul Belwalkar, CEO of SecUR Credentials, explains why if you fake it in your CV, you won't make it

There are many students, who in a bid to stand out during recruitments, dress up their résumés, sometimes with harmless trivia like hobbies and interests, but other times with false facts like claiming to have knowledge of a certain computer programme or a language. Beware because now, employers are taking background verification more and more seriously. And to help companies with this,SecURCredentials, the brainchild ofRahul Belwalkar, was started in 2016. "An employee can be a tremendous asset or a huge risk; we try to help companies find the right employees who are assets," explains the 44-year-old. So, no more faking it in your CV! From marks to internships and everything in between, your CV is thoroughly verified bySecURCredentials.

Every candidate has aSecURNumber, which is a ten-digit code that unlocks their background verification reports

But do people really lose job opportunities over something as trivial as lying about playing the guitar? No, "employees no longer look at hobbies, they are just talking points during an interview. What they are really looking at is skills," says the Mumbaikar. Another aspect that corporates are looking at is your social media footprint. "No one becomes a bigot overnight, so there are a few companies who have asked us to look at a candidates social media presence too," cautions Belwalkar, adding that in some cases, credit history is looked at as well.

As of now, they have more than 350 clients including international ones from the US, Europe and the Middle East in more than 35 sectors like IT, BPO, microfinance and insurance, so it's safe to say they know what they're doing.SecURCredentials also realises that the time between the interview and the joining date is crucial for both the company and the candidate. So, it offers to handhold the employee through the documentation process, thus helping HR reduce the risk of having candidates drop out after selection.

SecURCredentials has performed as many as four million background checks. The verification also includes residential, criminal, references, drug and psychometric checks

But even after all these years, that one elusive skill that employees are looking for is people management, opines Belwalkar. And to make sure you are not faking this or any other skill on your CV, vigilantes likeSecURCredentials will be around as the CEO believes that this industry is only going to grow from here.

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