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National Book Trust To Launch Book Series For Post-Corona Readership

New Delhi: The National Book Trust (NBT) is planning to launch a series titled 'Corona Studies Series' by documenting relevant reading materials for all age-groups for the post-Corona readership needs.

These books will focus on art, literature, folklore, economic and sociological aspects as well as science and health awareness emerging out of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown imposed by the government.

"The Corona Studies Series seeks to be our long-term contribution to prepare and engage readers with the various aspects of 'corona times' by bringing out affordable books in various Indian languages in the identified subject areas. It will also provide suitable platform to authors and researchers willing to contribute in this genre," NBT India chairman Govind Prasad Sharma said.

It has also set up a study group comprising experienced and young psychologists and counsellors to prepare books on the sub-series, 'Psycho-Social Impact of Corona Pandemic and the Ways to Cope'. "Both e-editions and printed editions of these books will be published soon as support materials for the readers," Director of the Trust, Yuvraj Malik said.

He also informed about #StayHomeIndiaWithBooks initiative launched last week, where some select and best-selling titles are available for free downloads.

"Besides, the sub-series on the psycho-social impact (of the virus) on various segments of population, we are preparing children"s books to let them know about our 'Corona Warriors', and other story and picture books related to various aspects of the disease to create awareness," he added.

Senior Editor, NBT, Kumar Vikram said that books focused on art, literature, folklore, economic and sociological aspects, science and health awareness emerging out of the coronavirus pandemic, and the lockdown, are also in the pipeline.

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