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    These Are The Top 10 With Highest Number Of Instagram Followers In The World

    Social Media is one of the most important medium to share news, updates and any information these days. Almost everyone uses social media these days, be it celebrities, athletes, politicians, brands, etc. People follow their favorite people on social media. Even celebrities share their photos, videos and even come live on social media to interact with their fans....

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    This Is Why The Provision Of Public WiFi - A Must

    The invention, and in turn, rapid boom, of public WiFi, has been a major facilitator for working professionals across the globe, allowing them to continue their productivity regardless of location. We have become so accustomed to the public WiFi access in airports, cafés, and major retailers. Canada got the world talking some five years ago when they announced their plans to introduce the...

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    Busting The Meat-Based Myths: How Veganism Is Taking Over Sport

    From vegan athletes to cruelty-free sportswear, the sporting world is currently more influenced than ever by veganism. We have long been aware that veganism benefits personal health, animal welfare, and the environment, but we often fall into the trap of thinking that a plant-based diet will leave us feeling lethargic, weak and lacking in vital sustenance. If that were the case,...

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    Excellence Awards Auto Expo 2020: Check Out The Winning Vehicles Of 2020

    One of the most awaited auto expo for car and bike lovers commenced from February 5th to February 12th, 2020. There was too much excitement in the public for Auto expo 2020. After the expo got over, it was followed by Excellence Awards Auto Expo 2020 organized by carandbike. On their website, carandbike mentioned that this Auto Expo Excellence Awards is almost mandatory for...

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    This Is How Starbucks Store Earns And Works In India

    Nowadays everyone likes to have a cup of coffee. Coffee not only helps in improving energy level but also it helps to burn fat. There are many coffee chains in India and one of the most famous coffee chains in Starbucks. via Starbucks is an American coffee company. In India, it is a joint venture of Starbucks Corporation and Tata Group.

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    Government Proposed 50 Lakh Fine And 5 Year Jail For Promoting Fairness Cream Ads

    How many times we see the advertisements promoting fairness cream, health drinks that claim the increase in height of children, antiageing remedies. We are sure manier times but do those things leave an impact? Well, we really do not know. In India, we see many advertisements related to fair skin that claims to make more beautiful and white within a particular...

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    Check Out The List Of Top Indians With Highest Brand Value

    The craze of social media and the increasing popularity of celebrities and cricketers making them a big brand. They have millions of followers on their social media. These celebrities leave no stone unturned to interact with friends. This helps them in increasing their brand value. Every year, the global advisory firm, Duff & Phelps comes up with the brand value. The list is full of...

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    From Fad Diet To Food Trend: The Rise Of Veganism

    Veganism is no longer a ridiculed concept; it's associated with numerous health benefits, tapping into the eco-conscious state of the world, and a progressive movement towards a greener way of life. In the past, the word 'vegan' used to have something of a negative connotation to it. What was once dismissed as a fad, or an extreme choice of apparently giving up tasty food, is now a...

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    This Mall Offers Girlfriend During Shopping For Every 20 Minutes At Rs 10

    Nowadays there is so much competition in any business that it requires out of the box thinking and ideas to scale up the business. One such idea that blew up the Heyuan City in China is that one shopping mall is offering women to be taken as a girlfriend by customers during shopping. via The Vitality City Shopping Complex in Heyuan city that is in Guangdong province of...

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    Check Out The List Of World's Most Traffic Congested Cities

    There are more than 353000 babies are born per day as per UNICEF. The number is huge and the World's population keeps growing. This is one of the biggest reasons for traffic. The traffic problem is there in almost every country in the world. Many countries are encouraging their citizens to use public transports to reduce traffic. China is Word's most populous country, followed...