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    Four Stories Of Men Where Women Played Victim Cards Against Them And Destroyed Their Lives

    Many times women played victim cards, and innocent men paid the price. Recently a video of a girl hitting a cab driver in the middle of the road in Lucknow city Awadh crossing is widely circulated online. This girl broke the mobile phone of the cab driver and is hitting him hard. The innocent cab driver didn't hit her back or said a word. Maybe he is...

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    Check Out The Great Ways To Make Money From Electronics

    If you possess an unwavering passion for the wonderful world of technology, you might be in luck; there are plenty of money-making avenues and opportunities to explore in the form of electronics. From old phones and retro games consoles to DIY inventions and component trading, opportunities are out there for those who seek them out. Here are some great ways to put your knowledge and...

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    Bhubaneswar Becomes First Indian City To Vaccinate 100% Of Its Population Aganist COVID-19

    Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, has become the first city in India to vaccinate 100% of its population against COVID-19. In addition, the first dose of COVID vaccinations was given to around one lakh migrant laborers in Odisha's capital city. via With the second wave of the COVID-19 showing no signs of abating, vaccination is our best...

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    Mutaz Essa Barshim, Gianmarco Tamberi Share Olympic Gold Medal In High-Jump; First Instance Since 1912

    The biggest dream of any athlete in the world is to win an Olympic gold medal. However, in one of the rarest moments in the Olympics history, a gold medal was shared among two athletes Qatar's Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy's Gianmarco Tamberi. It happened after 109 years. The last time it happened was way back in 1912 at Stockholm...

    • 3 days ago
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    Watch: A Lucknow Girl Beats Cab Driver At Signal In Front Of Police; #ArrestLucknowGirl Started Trending After Video Goes Viral

    Many times we see fights on the streets. Everyone starts giving their opinion about who is right or wrong. However, there are always two sides to the story. Therefore, one should not be judgemental before looking at both sides. One such incident happened at the Awadh signal in Lucknow on July 30. A Lucknow girl who was...

    • 3 days ago
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    17 Amazing Facts About Tiger 'The Largest Cat Species' That You Should Know

    July 29 is the special day for the largest cat species. It is celebrated as International Tiger Day annually from the date of creation in 2010. International Tiger Day was created during the Saint Petersburg Tiger Submit held in Russia. It was the first time all 13 tiger range governments came together and committed themselves to double the number of wild tigers by 2022,...

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    These Tamil Wedding Rituals Make The Marriage Ceremony Ecstatic

    Weddings are a big event in Indian culture; people in various parts of India are following their traditional wedding ceremony. Everyone has their own style and following the unique custom to represent the culture. Tamil wedding rituals and traditions that are following from pre-weddings to post-weddings are from thousands of years ago. The weddings are not missing the fun and joy....

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    Puri Becomes India's First City To Get 24×7 Clean 'Drink From Tap' Water Facility

    Now the tap drinking water is available 24×7 in Puri. Puri is called a temple town in Odisha. Puri is the first city in the nation to get the facility of drinking water from a government tap. It is made available through the 'Drink from tap' project. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik virtually inaugurated the 'Drink from tap' project on Monday....

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    Shilpa Shetty Got Emotional While Fighting With Raj Kundra During Raid At Home

    From Gehana Vasisth to Raj Kundra, the illegal porn production racket got unfolded. Raj Kundra's involvement in publishing pornographic content has shocked the people. The social media sparked, and the trolls got a new subject to their inventory when Shilpa Shetty Kundra's husband, Raj Kundra, was arrested by Mumbai police. He was called a key conspirator...

    • a week ago
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    Love Story Of Kargil Martyr Captain Vikram Batra Is Too Emotional To Control Our Tears

    Yeh Dil Maange More Sir, Yeh Dil Maange More. These words from Kargil Martyr Captain Vikram Batra are immortal. He was a brave soldier who gave sacrifice of his life for the nation. But, his love story is too emotional to control our tears. Whenever we hear the word love story, the only thing that occurs in our mind is the fairytale type ending or the...