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    Three-Legged Dog Rescues An Unwanted Baby Who Was Buried By 15-Year Old Mom

    When there is a talk about loyalty, the first thing which comes to anyone's mind is not humans, but it is a four-leggie creature Dog. Dogs are humans best friends and they have proved this many times. We have heard the story of a dog saving his owner. But today we will tell you an incredible story of a three-legged dog named Ping-Pong saved a baby who was cruelly...

    • 6 hrs ago
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    WaterProof Vs Water Resistant; This Is How You Can Read IP Ratings In Gadgets

    Nowadays almost everyone has cellphones with them. Every day new smartphones get launched. With new technology emerges, the competition in the cellphone market is very huge. Many brands have started making waterproof and water resistant smartphones with different IP Ratings mentioned in those gadgets. But, few of us don't know what is the difference between...

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    Internet Sensation Grumpy Cat Passed Away At The Age Of 7

    One of the most famous felines which have taken the internet by storm through its memes, Grumpy Cat passed away. It has contributed to the memes and became an internet sensation worldwide. She was an American celebrity cat. Grumpy Cat passed away on 14th May 2019, at the age of 7. The reason behind its death is due to the complications from urinary tract infections. The news of her death...

    • 3 days ago
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    Shane Watson Batted With Injured Knee At IPL Final Earns Respect And Won Hearts

    The final of IPL 2019 was turned out to be one of the most see-saw battles of IPL 2019, in which Mumbai Indians defeated Chennai Super Kings by one run. This win made Mumbai Indians the most successful IPL franchise with four titles. Chennai Super Kings were inconsistent in their batting throughout the tournament as their openers failed to provide the good start in...

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    WWE Superstars Seth Rollins And Becky Lynch Are In A Relationship; See Photos

    It's finally official. WWE Universal Champion and WWE Raw and Smackdown Women Champion Becky Lynch are in a relationship. Today, WWE Superstars Seth Rollins public his relationship with The Man Becky Lynch on Instagram. This all started when Becky Lynch was taking friendly jabs at Edge and his wife Beth Phoenix.function catchException() {try{ twitterJSDidLoad();...

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    The Different Types of Nightwear You Would Love To Have

    Nowadays, with fashion trends coming into the picture, we have varieties of clothes to choose from. Every now and then, new trends keep coming which rule the fashion world. However, after spending a tiring day, either at work or household chores, what we truly crave for is a night of good sleep. There is nothing better than a comfortable sleep, but wearing tight clothes during sleep can...

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    Vinayak Sreedhar Class 10 CBSE Student Who Died During Boards Scored 96, 97, 100 In Three Subjects He Appeared

    Vinayak Sreedhar who was suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) passed away during his CBSE board exams. It is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. Stephen Hawking, a Legendary British theoretical physicist also suffered from motor neuron disease. Vinayak was inspired by Stephen...

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    These Things Happen To Your Body When You Fell Asleep

    After a long tiring day, everyone likes to sleep. Nobody needs a reason for sleeping. Sleeping is necessary to relax your body and keep you fresh from fatigue. Be it students or working professionals or seniors everyone should sleep for 7-8 hours. But do you know what happens when your body fell asleep? Let us check out the things our body do when we fell asleep. 1. Brain Processes The Day...

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    Interesting Facts About Bhutan Which Makes You Fall In Love

    India is a big country in terms of geographical area. If you observe Mahabharat, you will understand this very clearly. However, if you believe in movies and serial Mahabharata, you will never know the true story itself. So forget about the geographical area. India was divided into several parts due to so many reasons. Today we are left with only some place which we see that in the...

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    Educational Travel: These Are The Best Destinations For Your Kids

    As you may know, travel can broaden the mind. Exploring different sights, sounds and landmarks can, therefore, be a superb way for your kids to learn more about different cultures, communities, and history, which can support their school studies and potentially ignite a passion for a subject. If you want your children to flourish academically and develop a more open mind, check...