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    These New Rules Of Flying, All Air Travelers Must Know

    Most of us travel from air frequently. There are many rules from which we are unknown. Recently, the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Government of India released a draft Passenger Charter defining rights for the air travelers and the new rules of flying. As per the Financial Express Report, Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu told "A minimum benchmark has been set. We want...

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    5 Food Items That Aid in Stomach Infection Causes

    When struggling to keep anything in, the best bet is to bank on food items that offer relief to the stomach. Stomach bug or germs can cause an infection that can end up leaving you with not-so-good food choices. While resting and staying make for an important part of the treatment plan, practicing adequate personal hygiene is also necessary. Germs are already causing trouble to your health, the...

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    Watch: The Batsman Hit Wicket Goes Unnoticed As Non-Striker Batsman Fixed The Stumps

    Cricket is a game of uncertainties. The umpires play an important role in the game. Most of the times we have seen the spirit shown by players in the cricket field. While many times we have also seen some controversial decisions and actions in the field which is not good for the spirit of the game. One of the hilarious incidents took place in the Indian domestic...

    • 6 days ago
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    The 7 Signs Your Body Is Older Than Your Age

    The fact that we are aging can be hard to process and even accept. We feel like we're still 25 years old even though our chronological age is no longer it. With every year that goes by, our body inevitably changes. Some changes are hereditary while others are just the result of our lifestyle. There's a list of antiaging habits we can do on a daily basis to stop that aging clock (or slow it...

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    Sushma Swaraj Passed Away at 67; Check Lesser Known Facts About Sushma Swaraj

    Sushma Swaraj (14 February 1953 - 6 August 2019), the former minister of External Affairs of India passed away today at the age of 67 due to a massive cardiac arrest. She was taken to AIIMS hospital where she is declared dead. She tweets about Article 370 couple of hours back and sadly it was also her last tweet. This is really heartbreaking. ...

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    Five Historic Decisions Taken By Modi Government On Jammu And Kashmir

    This is the historic day for India. The Modi Government has taken a historic decision on Jammu and Kashmir on Monday to remove Article 370. The Home Minister of India Amit Shah has made a huge announcement in Rajya Sabha today. Amit Shah proposed to remove Article 370. He said that all sections of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir would not be applicable. Along with this,...

    • 2 weeks ago
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    Lesser Known Facts About Cafe Coffee Day Owner VG Siddhartha

    India's largest coffee chain Cafe Coffee Day's owner VG Siddhartha body was found on Wednesday morning July 31 from the shore of the river Nethravathi, Mangalore by a group of fishermen. The Founder of CCD was missing since Monday. A letter written by him to the board members and his family was found. He mentioned that he is unable to handle pressure and is failed to create...

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    A Dog Was Mercilessly Beaten In Mumbai For Taking Shelter From The Rains, And Was Left In Coma

    Another heinous act of animal cruelty, a stray dog in Worli Mumbai was beaten mercilessly because it was trying to take shelter inside the residential complex during the heavy rains. The incident took place on July 24. A resident of the second floor of Turf View Building in Worli, Mumbai asked the security guards to beat the stray dog in such a manner...

    • 3 weeks ago
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    These 12 Inspiring Milestones Of ISRO Will Make Every Indian Proud

    ISRO Indian Space Research Organization has just made history a few days back with India's second mission to the moon successfully, Chandrayaan-2. It will complete the journey of 384,400 km and land on the moon on 48th day of the mission. Formed in 1962, it was initially called Indian National Committee for Space Research under the leadership of Vikram Sarabhai and physicist...

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    Kumar Dharamasena Finally Speaks On An OverThrow Controversy In World Cup Final

    It has been a week since the Cricket World Cup final between England vs New Zealand is over. Though it was one of the greatest matches ever played in the ODI history; but it will also be remembered for many mistakes, wrong decisions, and blunders by the umpires Kumar Dharamasena and Marais Erasmus. There were many controversial decisions by the umpires at the...