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These Are The Most Dangerous Trees In The World, Many Are From India

We all know the numerous benefits of trees. They produce many things important for a healthy life, keep the air clean and fresh. Also, we get many materials for food and shelter from trees. But there are some trees which will do you more harm than good. We're talking about the dangerous trees in the world. These trees can make you sick or even die. So, check out these 12 most dangerous trees in the world. Also, stay away from them if you ever come across them. Many of these are from India.

1. The Manchineel Tree

This is the most dangerous tree in the world. This tree looks like a normal apple tree but has a grayish bark. Also, it is found in Florida, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas. Every part of this tree is dangerous. The fruits are extremely poisonous and can cause death. The smoke from burning Manchineel tree can cause blindness if it reaches your eyes. Also, the milky sap produced by it can cause skin irritation.

2. The Suicide Tree

This tree grows in India and in South Asia. Also, it is named so because many people chose to commit suicide by eating its fruits. Its scientific name is Cerbera Odollum. It grows near coastal swamps and marshy areas.

3. The Sandbox Tree

This tree grows in South and North America. Also, it has many pointed spines on its trunk. The fruits after matured explode to spread their seeds in all directions up to 40 meters. Their speed can reach up to 70 m/s and can be very dangerous. Also, the sandbox tree produces a sap which has the high level of poison and can cause rashes.

4. Bunya Pine

These trees are found in Queensland in northeast Australia. These cones can be as heavy as 6 kilograms. And when these fall from above, they can easily knock you off or even kill. That is why fences are placed around these trees.

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