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WATCH: Mika Hakkinen Gets Involved in a Water Fight with Eddie Irvine

After the Monaco Grand Prix 2019, the next race on the agenda is the Canadian Grand Prix. This race has been in operation since 1961 with Ferrari being the most successful team. However, during the 1999 Canadian Grand Prix, a hilarious incident took place after qualifying, involving Mika Hakkinen and the two Ferrari drivers.

Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher had grabbed pole position ahead of defending champion, Mika Hakkinen. Also joining them was Schumacher's teammate, Eddie Irvine.


During the post qualifying press conference, Hakkinen was speaking in his native language when a towel was flung in his face, courtesy, Irvine. The Finn ignored it, but Irvine decided to up the ante with his prank. He splashed Hakkinen with his drink, before getting up and bolting away.

In response, Mika Hakkinen grabbed a jug and chased Irvine and dumped the drink all over him. Meanwhile, Schumacher attempted to calm the situation down initially, before giving up, when Mika Hakkinen grabbed the jug.

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