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Best Android Apps All Time

It claimed that the average smartphone user in Singapore had around 40 applications installed at a time on their smartphone. Almost all these applications belong to the social network category as 64% of people is active on a social network according to We Are Social in 2016.

The other major attraction is gaming as App Annie showed the top spot in the Apple store being Minecraft, Clash Royale, Monopoly, Mobile strike and of course the most recent sensation, Uber. Since the dawn of the mobile application era, users have been pulled in two main directions: Android or iOS. Windows is still a popular OS, but it is obviously not in the running for the top spot anymore.

There is various other OS, that is employed by small segments of mobile application users. They don't occupy key positions in the mobile application market. It's got a much-focused marketing plan that shows clearly in iOS apps. App users are used to the best and gravitate towards iOS devices for that reason.

The Next Web revealed that the country had the most iOS devices per population these past few years. Most Asian economies are 3rd world nations so a majority of smartphone users turn to Android. There are several key factors that determine the current situation of Google Android and iOS applications in Singapore.

App development is a business so like every other, it runs on money. If you visit an application store, you'll notice that the top downloads are all free. With UX in the spotlight, application developers in Singapore have stepped up their game. Clearly, much investment goes into building an application so businesses are reluctant to launch it as free.

Lots of businesses currently offer free applications with premium plans that have paid advanced features. This tactic is true for most Android applications at Google Play Shop, but iOS applications don't follow the same road. Apple users have a tendency to be loyal and don't mind paying for top quality apps.

Many iOS applications have multiple price packages depending upon the level of features you want to use. The trend towards free applications with premium plans is on the rise as App Annie shows that paid ones are mainly games like Minecraft on iOS.

As iOS devices are well loved, application developers have a tendency to give priority to this OS. Applications are about providing superb UX and usability so the application developer will need to look at user preferences. In case your target audience consists mainly of the upper crust, you can blindly decide to go for a native iOS app.

There's something for everybody as you can find both affordable mobile phones and luxury ones among Android apparatus.


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