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Youtube Controversy- Technical Guru Ji v/s Manu Kumar Jain

Gaurav Chaudhary who has a Tech YouTube Channel with a name of Technical Guru Ji having more than 11 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Last week at the launch of Samsung Galaxy M launch event Technical Guru Ji dis something which took him into a Big Controversy.

Where its all Started

It started with a launch event of the Samsung Galaxy M launch event. Where Technical Guru Ji was invited by Samsung team and He was present on the stage during the launch event. Actually, two models were launched M10 and M20. Samsung Galaxy M10 is a low segment phone and having some points where we can say M10 is not a perfect phone. But Gaurav Chaudhary didn't talk about M10 and only speaks more on Samsung Galaxy M20. Even he only talk positive points and not even a single negative point of any handset was discussed. I think somehow it's correct as if we're invited by anyone one you can't talk negatively about them on their face. But when he did an unboxing video for his channel that time also he seems to be biased and not talk about any negative point even he completely ignored M10.

Few days after Xiaomi's VP Manu Kumar Kumar Jain tweeted, ' Ironical to see tech bloggers get up on stage at product launches, talking all great things about the product (maybe influenced by monetary payment). As a reviewer, users depend on you to be honest & open about any product. How can this be termed as 'unbiased' media?".

What happened Next

People started talking about the both Manu Kumar Jain and Technical Guruji and online discussion started for who is right and who is wrong. Even Technical Guru also posted an unboxing video of Redmi Note 7 which is not yet launched in India. He also did a bend test in last part of the video, where he seems too aggressive and look like he forcefully broke the handset and no handset will ever face such kind of force. If we apply this much of force to any handset then none of the handsets will survive.

What's the point of view of Technical GuruJi and Manu Kumar Jain on this Controversy.

Post that single tweet Manu Kumar didn't speaks on this Controversy. However Technical Guru Ji doesn't post anything post that video on this and lets see what all new things come from them in future.

What's my view on this.

I personally doesn't have any grudges with any of them and I personally follow Technical Guruji channel almost since beginning. First of all we all know that brand are always use influencers to promote their product and everyone know about this hard reality of the industry. Even Manu Kumar Jain also doing the same to promote their products. He was right in his tweet that Youtuber should also speaks about negative points. But saying YouTuber took money for this on this platform was not correct. He should do this kind of conversation offline. The reaction come from Gaurav Chaudhary to reply this in the form of Redmi Note 7 unboxing was also not a professional way to handle this kind of situation. As everyone one can easily identify from the video the level of frustration that Gaurav's had into the video. Rather he should clear his point in the form of video and he can use some other examples on this situation.

What's your view on this, tell us in the comment section and you can also watch the Redmi Note 7 unboxing video from Technical Guruji.



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