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Maharashtra: Octogenarian Ayurveda Practitioner Travels 10 Kms Daily To Visit Patients Home

While most senior citizens remained inside their houses during the coronavirus epidemic, on the other hand, an 87-year-old doctor is still going door-to-door to take care of his patients in rural areas. Ramchandra Dandekar, a homeopathic doctor in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, is selfishly providing medical aid to patients from village to village and house to house.

For this, everyday Dandekar covers an arduous ten kilometers barefoot in his cycle to travel to distant villages. The Ayurveda practitioner has been treating his patients like this for the last 60 years.

He says, 'For the last 60 years I go to villages almost daily. Doctors are afraid of treating the poor because of fear of Covid but I have no such fear. Nowadays, young doctors are only after money, they do not want to serve the poor.'

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