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Curry leaves or Karivepaku is very good for health

People just don't eat the curry leaves that they get in the curries or food.

But according to health experts, the leaves are very good for health. We can take it directly or we can boil the leaves in water along with some ginger pieces and have it on daily basis.

We can also eat the leaves raw on a daily basis.

1. Curry leaves improve digestion and kill bad bacteria.
2. They act as a blood purifier.
3. They work again on Blood sugar and improve health conditions.
4. Curry leaves are used for weight loss.
5. They are used against allergies.
6. They are used for improving blood circulation.
7. Curry leaves are used to heal wounds.
8. They are also used for the betterment of eye health.
9. Curry leaves are used for cleansing the Liver.
10. They are used for boosting digestion and also for better hair growth.

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