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JC Diwakar Reddy likes CLP Office

JC Diwakar Reddy who is in TDP now wants to come to Telangana. earlier he was with Congress most of the time. He used to spend his time in the CLP office with media friends.

He always likes to spend time in the corridors of power.

Suddenly he crossed over to the TDP and has won as an MP. Now he lost the elections and is planning to make a come back. His brother is however the Municipal Chairman for the TDP and that too with the help of the YSRC Chief Jagan they say.

But as long as Jagan is there in AP it is very difficult for them to continue in AP Politics. Now they want to come to Telangana and in what form we do not know.

Yesterday Diwkar Reddy was in the TS Assembly and the Congress leaders found fault with him. He met the TRS Chief and CM KCR in the Assembly office and said that it was just a courtesy call.

But JC wants to stay in power all the time with some party or the other. He wants to buy peace with the YSRC and Jagan. He knows that it is difficult to survive politically with the TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

JC stays close to Chandrababu in Road No 36 and it is just at a walkable distance. We have to see which way JC will go by the time elections are in.

Jagan is planning for an early poll to avoid anti-incumbency.

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