Saturday, 25 Sep, 6.25 pm Great Telangana

Love story draws people to theatres

The love story is pulling the people to the theatres in a better fashion when compared to the earlier times. In America and in India especially in the Telugu states, the movie has done around 10 crore business on the first day.

It is a more or less good business when compared to the earlier times. If Love Story sustains the heat and continues the same buzz, it will certainly be a game-changer film after the Covid-19 second wave.

This will also inspire several other heroes and producers to have theatrical releases for their films and opt against straight OTT releases which was a norm during pandemic times.

The producers Narang and others are happy with the outcome. But we have to see the coming day. The report is not that good when compared to the earlier films of Shekar Kammula.

But Chaitanya is happy with the outcome of the film. It was worth wearing for the theatrical release. They have waited for a long to come to the theatres.

Some producers are now confident of audiences coming to the theatres after the second wave of Corona.

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