Saturday, 25 Sep, 10.57 am Great Telangana

RGV movie on Konda Murali and Surekha

Ram Gopal Varma who has made a film on factionalism earlier is now trying to make a movie on the history of Naxals. Here he is planning ot use the background of Kondamurali and Konda Surekha.

He calls it as Telangna Rakthacharitra. He went all the way to Warangal and met the Principal of the college where Kondas has studied. Yesterday he was there at the College and met Principal Aruna. He will be shooting mostly in Warangal forests and also the College.

The movie will have the love track between Murali and Surekha. They say Surekha saved the life of Murali and the love begins here. Konda Murali and also Surekha agreed to give the details to RGV for the movie.

Already RGV has created a lot of hype around this movie. It will be a depiction of reality. Now Kondas are not that active in politics. They change from one party to the other for Political survival.

Let's hope RGV will succeed in making the movie for real. RGV has touched subjects like Sarkar and also Rak Charita apart from the Goondaism in Vijayawada.

Now he is touching Kondas background and family history along with Naxalism.

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