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    Couples Who Workout Together Have Better Sex life

    Working out can be boring sometimes, but if you want to make it work like a boss, get your partner along! And trust us, your life wouldn't be the same thereafter! Don't believe us? Read on and we have all your queries covered in this article. Well, we are not full of beans when we say that working out with your significant other will make you have an interesting time between the...

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    These Workouts Will Help You Sculpt Your Biceps & Triceps Like Nothing Else!

    When one talks about weight training, the first muscles that come to the mind are the biceps and the triceps. While most of us dream of having those perfect cuts that film stars seem to flaunt so effortlessly, very few of us actually succeed. This is largely due to the fact that only a few of us get the form and the posture correct. Today, with the help of the expert...

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    Healthiest Summer Fruits and Veggies You Should Include in your Diet

    With the rising temperatures our bodies are craving slightly fresher and lighter foods, in order to keep us hydrated and energized throughout the season. It's a myth that summer brings more exercise and healthier food, because we tend to gain weight much faster. All of these barbecues, fares and fast food vendors definitely come along with a lot of temptation. It is...

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    Banaswadi, Want To Realise Your Fitness Goals? Join The Fit Squad!

    Every single day, thousands of people around the world are bitten by the fitness bug. So what is the next step once you have made up your mind to pursue your fitness goals? The obvious answer is to enrol yourself into a gym. But when it comes to choosing the right gym, it's always suggested that you do a bit of research. Some of the most common things you should look for in...

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    Exercises Senior citizens should do to Stay Active

    How late is too late when it comes to staying active? Well, staying active doesn't guarantee your youth but in other way, can make you stay healthy for a longer time. Which, in a way, is near similar to staving off the age related complications. Researches show that, age reduces the functional and structural capabilities of human body. It also suggests that regular physical activity could...

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    Did you join a gym? Great! You've your workout routines set and love to push it further every single day? Amazing! But do you run out of energy and your body takes longer to recover making it tough for you to smoothly carry on with your day? Sigh! Happens to the best of us. There are many protein powders available in the market that help to enhance your performance, endurance and strength but...

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    5-Yoga Tips That Every 30 Something Should Be Doing Daily To Reverse Ageing!

    Being in your 30s is not an easy task. Everybody expects you to figure out stuff by the time you are in your thirties but only you know how you feel. You love to spend your weekends watching Netflix. Dining outside seems daunting and you would rather order it online and be done with it. You are too young to be called an uncle or aunty or too old to dance the night away...

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    7 Best Workouts for Kids to Lose Weight Conveniently

    Are you looking for the best exercises for your kids? In this article, you will find the most interesting and easy to do workouts that your kids will surely want to do. If you are having a hard time convincing your child to engage in a healthy activity, the best thing that you can do is to choose an exercise that will not only capture his or her interest but will also help him or her lose...

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    How This Fitness Club Tripled Their Revenue & Doubled Their Sales With Traqade Club Management Software

    About YC Fitness Located in the serene residential surroundings of Vijaynagar, Bangalore, YC Fitness is one of the upcoming fitness studios in the area.

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    Up Your Fitness Club's Marketing Game With These 6 Effective Strategies

    Did you know that over 500 gyms have shut down across India in the year 2018 alone? No, we aren't just talking about those blink-and-you-miss one-room-two-treadmills affairs that barely even qualify as fitness centres. The 500+ gyms which have shut down include some pretty big names endorsed by A-lister celebrities as well as franchises of some of the most...