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From A Homemaker to Mrs India Earth 2017 - Diksha Chhabra's Story Is The Inspiration You Need Today!

Diksha Chhabra doesn't require an introduction. Crowned the winner of Mrs Body Fit 2017-18 and the second runners-up of Mrs India Earth 2017-18, today Diksha is a prominent name in the fitness circles. But how many of you know that two years ago Diksha was just another homemaker juggling household responsibilities while battling hypothyroidism, weight gain, and PCOS? This is the inspirational story of her struggles and how she overcame each and every one of them.

The Beginnings

With over 50k followers on her Instagram handle alone, today Diksha Chhabra commands immense respect in the fitness community. A certified sports nutritionist and a fitness trainer, Diksha has earned this respect by helping many people turn their life around. But this wasn't always the case. Just two years ago, Diksha was leading the life of an average Indian woman.

Pic in the left: was a woman who was struggling with her insecurities.. you can see her forceful smile.. lack of confidence in her eyes.. and kind of disappointed with her own self.. though it was my first day at new work place in a leadership role..but I clearly remember always being doubtful about my decisions, appearance and conduct.. all these turmoils were inside me but I used to show "IAM Fine, I am Good".. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊Pic the right: Is a woman who I am right now.. I don't say I am perfect right now but I am happy.. happy with myself.. I work for myself.. I am confident and hell proud of my journey so far.. I take my decisions.. and it's ok if sometimes my decisions are not right ones.. being your own boss is a different feeling all together.. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊With this comparison I don't intend to state that you can only achieve a confident self by loosing weight..No.. not for everyone.. but DEFINITELY helped me.. and it does matter for alot .. bcs of the feel good factor you get when you start appreciating yourself.. when you look your best... And .ITS OK TO WORK ON YOUR APPEARANCE.. BUT IT'S MORE IMPORTANT TO do something that makes you feel proud of yourself..CUD BE YOUR WORK, PASSION, FAMILY ANYTHING..but do it.. #beyourownboss #dikshachhabra #transformation #bestisyettocome #bebadass #strengthtraining #strongissexy #strongwoman#businesswoman #letsliftwithdiksha #transformation21 #weightlosstransformation #onlinetrainer #bootyfit #sportsnutrition #trainer #fitnessmodel #fitmom #lovewhatyoudo #loveyourself

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A full-time homemaker and mom to a 7-year-old, the hectic responsibility of managing the household responsibilities had taken a toll on her body. Just 29 years old at the time, Diksha was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOS which lead to a massive weight gain. Weighing nearly 86 kilos, she was on the verge of depression but thankfully her inner warrior kicked in.

Refusing to give up, Diksha resolved to turn her life around starting with her outlook towards diet and fitness. She bought herself a treadmill and started controlling the portion she was eating. Her dedication paid off and she lost 18 kilos due to her home workout schedule. But for Diksha, this wasn't enough.

While researching more effective ways of losing weight she stumbled across the benefits of weight training. Though impressed by what she had read, she still sceptical about weight training because like most people, Diksha too believed that weight training was for men. But as she educated herself more and more, she found out the benefits of weight training for women and decided to try her hands at it. She joined a gym and started her weight training regime and there has been no looking back ever since.

Perfecting her weight training techniques gradually, she went on from being someone who couldn't walk two kilometres to someone who would happily do 100-kilo deadlifts and 80-kilo weighted squats! Soon enough she started seeing a difference as her body responded to the training. Thanks to the weight training, her physique, as well as posture, improved greatly and since then, all the thoughts about weight training being only for men has disappeared from her mind completely.

The Road to Mrs India Earth

The first casualty of an unhealthy lifestyle is your confidence! It wasn't any different for Diksha either. But when once she gained control of her health and fitness, not only did she lose a ton of weight but also the shroud of insecurity that was preventing her from pursuing her ambitions. She started appreciating herself more and her self-confidence grew.

One fine day while browsing the internet she stumbled across the notification for Mrs India Earth registrations. Without even a second's hesitation, Diksha filled up the form and hit the submit button. To her delight, she received a positive response.

After consulting her family and friends, she went for the decision that would change her life. To prepare for the competition she continued with her weight training journey, but she also made changes to her diet plan. As someone who believes in going all natural, Diksha steered clear of supplements and steroids.

In fact, apart from whey protein, multivitamins and Omega 3 supplements, she more or less stuck to a balanced diet. She focused on carbohydrates during the workout in the morning but made sure that she had at least 110 grams of protein per day along with the right amount of fat and fibre.

During the contest itself, she stuck to a carb cycle diet which basically reduces the carb intake without cutting it out completely. She also tried Keto diet and intermittent fasting to keep her weight in check. Her hard work and dedication paid off and she was crowned second runners-up of Mrs India Earth 2017-18! Propelled by her newfound confidence, Diksha also competed in Mrs Body Fit 2017, this time winning the title.

The Balancing Act

While the two titles brought laurels, accolades and set Diksha on a new career path, one thing that didn't change was her job as a mom. Diksha says, "When you are a mummy with a career, everything has to be planned a day in advance." So while planning for her meals, workout, training, and clients, she also makes sure that everything is in sync with her son's routine. In fact, working out has only made her job as a mom easier! Says Diksha, "Workout boosts my energy for the rest of the day and this really helps me perform my duties as a mother". Truly, a Supermom!

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On Roadblocks, Fitness Idol and Motivation

When asked about the usual challenges faced by people who wish to take up fitness, Diksha says "According to me the biggest roadblock for people to take fitness is lack of zeal". Explaining further she says, that people usually associate fitness with sacrificing everything and starving themselves. In fact, some of those who do take fitness seriously sometimes push themselves too hard instead of enjoying the process and thus end up burning themselves out.

Instead, Diksha wants people to realise that one can eat and still lose weight. In fact, through her two fitness programs, 'Let's Lift With Diksha' and 'Transformation 21' she actively propagates the concept of clean eating as a part of lifestyle.

A huge admirer of Sushmita Sen, Diksha admits that what impresses her the most about the former beauty queen, apart from the fitness, of course, is her acceptance to what she is, her age, her roles and status in the society. According to Diskha, Sushmita Sen is an epitome of grace and sobriety.

On being asked about how she maintains her electrifying energy throughout the day, Diksha says, "For me, being fit is not just a necessity, it's my life and once you have made fitness your lifestyle, you will automatically find the motivation to keep going". Maintaining the fact that fitness is a way to self-discovery, Diksha says that whatever she has achieved today is on account of the fact that she decided to stay fit and take those painful first steps towards her weight loss journey. In the end, Diksha has this message for anyone who is planning to embark on a fitness journey, "I want to tell everyone through this platform that dreams do come true! Never give up!" Well, we couldn't agree more. Here's to Diksha, you truly inspire us! If you want to reach out to Diksha for more fitness mantras, connect with her on:

Facebook page: letsliftwithdiksha

Instagram: dikshamalik.malik

Till then..stay happy and stay healthy!

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