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A Hair Transplant Surgeon Tells You About The Ideal Diet For Luscious And Strong Hair

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One of the often repeated adages that one comes across is 'you are what you eat'. This phrase is especially true when your objective is to grow thick hair. What you eat determines how thick, strong, and luscious your hair is! Let's look at a few food items that can help you achieve your dream of a perfect, majestic crown. Green And Leafy Vegetables If green and leafy vegetables are not a part of your regular diet yet, include them right away! In addition to assisting in hair growth, they also have a variety of other benefits for your body. With regard to hair growth, they are rich in iron and therefore, keep your hair from breaking and becoming brittle. Plus, with the right preparation, they can be delicious too! Eggs Eggs can be just as useful when it comes to your hair!

Much like green, leafy vegetables, it also is a rich source of protein with vitamin B12. The whites are rich sources of selenium, vitamin B6, B12, and minerals such as zinc, iron, and copper. Moreover, they are also rich in three other essential hair growth components, namely zinc, sulphur and selenium. Start your day with an omelette or a breakfast of scrambled eggs.

You can also get the same nutrients from poultry and oysters when they are available.

Seafood Seafood lovers can rejoice. Fish and prawn can be absolutely fantastic for your hair. Fish is rich in omega-3, and fatty acid which can keep your hair smooth and silky, for a long time.

As for shrimp and prawn, they're rich in vitamin B12 and zinc and make your hair seem fabulous. Plus, who can say no to a large helping of some delicious seafood regularly? Vegetarian Food Options Vegetarians-don't worry! There are enough haircare options for you that are just as tasty and healthy as the non-vegetarian options.

Prunes and beetroot can prevent your hair from thinning. Beans and pulses can make up for the protein deficiency that comes from not consuming meat or seafood. Moreover, berries are highly recommended for hair growth because they contain a high degree of vitamin C. Why is vitamin C important?

Vitamin C helps absorb iron from the diet, and we've spoken about how essential iron is for hair growth. Moreover, it produces collagen, an essential component for non-brittle and thick hair growth.
Water Ultimately, the simplest recipe for the perfect head of hair could just be a big glass of water. Water is the source of life, and therefore, also the source of your hair.

It keeps your scalp hydrated setting the stage for perfect hair growth. It moisturises your hair and skin, leading to picture-perfect growth. Ensure you drink enough water every single day if you're aiming for the perfect head of hair. No two people have the same scalp or hair, really.

It is recommended that you visit experts in your city to figure out the perfect diet for your hair. Finally, let's take a look at what food is bad for your hair: Sugary foods, diet soft drinks, and fast food have been linked to hair loss. Adopt a healthy diet! Grow a thick head of hair!

Dr Vinod Sonawane is a Hair Transplant Surgeon. He is also a health council member at healthunt.