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    Battling body odour? Ditch deodorants, pick essential oils

    Listen to this article Everybody sweats. This results in an unwanted body odour, a stink that can be very embarrassing. But it turns out, your sweat is generally odourless. What causes the unpleasant smell then? Well, it happens to be the bacteria that builds up on your skin! When the bacteria comes in contact with the sweat, it leads to a reaction that emits body odour. You may...

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    World Hepatitis Day: Here's how hepatitis affects your mental and physical well-being

    Listen to this article Hepatitis is a serious condition that is manifested as an inflammation of the liver. It's a viral infection and is also triggered by excessive use of medications, drugs, and alcohol. Your body can be impacted due to the inflamed liver, and the same would be detrimental to your health as the liver performs various vital functions....

    • 3 days ago
  • Intimate Health

    Is your vagina really healthy? 5 signs that say you are absolutely OK down there

    Listen to this article You must have read a lot about vaginal problems and how to predict if your vagina is unhealthy. But, have you ever taken a minute to think about what's normal for your vagina? There are certain things that point to a change in your vaginal health. These include: Change in colour, odour, or amount of vaginal discharge Vaginal...

    • 4 days ago
  • Fitness

    Here's why running on the spot is bad for your knees and muscles

    Listen to this article There is no denying that running has many health benefits. Running regularly helps build strong bones, as it is a body weight exercise, strengthens muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness, and helps maintain a healthy weight. The debate over whether one should run on the spot, or not, on a treadmill, or out in the open, has been looming large for many...

    • 4 days ago
  • Healthy eating

    Increase good cholesterol in your body naturally with these 3 foods

    Listen to this article Just the mention of 'cholesterol', is enough to ring the alarm bells. Often, we associate cholesterol with something 'bad', however, there is also a 'good' kind of cholesterol that the body requires to maintain overall health. Good cholesterol plays a vital role in many key bodily functions, especially when it comes to the...

    • 4 days ago
  • Healthy eating

    Snack away without guilt with Pooja Makhija's healthy and balanced nachos recipe

    Snacking is considered a sin, and we all know why! The moment the clock strikes four, our hunger pangs get the better of us. We just can't help but reach out to everything unhealthy and fried, including chips, biscuits and those addictive namkeens . Oh, and how can we get over cheesy nachos? Honestly, no one can eat just one! But how do we binge on these...

    • 4 days ago
  • Preventive Care

    Frequent fractures can be a sign of osteoporosis. These 5 tips can help you prevent it

    Broken bones are one of the most common issues that come with old age, and also a hard one! That's because recovery is not so easy. Not just that, but the pain that they experience is another cause for trouble. But that's not the end of it. There have been findings that people with osteoporosis are more prone to cognitive problems like dementia and...

    • 4 days ago
  • Preventive Care

    Low on immunity during monsoon? These 7 tips will ensure you stay healthy during this season

    Listen to this article The monsoon season promises respite from the scorching summer heat. But, did you know common infections like flu, skin and eye issues are more prevalent during this season? The high humidity levels and infectious bacteria and viruses in your surroundings make you more prone to falling sick. Therefore, the need of the hour is...

    • 4 days ago
  • Mind

    Love binging on your favourite shows or movies? Here's how they can help

    Listen to this article It's such a wonderful time for us cinema freaks, because there's so much content being produced! Whether it's the diversity in subjects or the quality of films and shows being churned, everything today is top-notch. But why is it then that we keep going back to our favourite shows and films? Most of you would have noticed that this...

    • 4 days ago
  • Beauty

    These 5 natural ingredients will help you steer clear of early ageing

    We often dread the first signs of ageing, like fine lines and dark spots. The truth, however, is that we need to take active steps to delay the signs of ageing. Instead of investing in expensive creams and treatments, we should go natural to keep our skin youthful! Using natural ingredients to avoid early signs of ageing will help you avoid the side effects that occur due to...

    • 5 days ago