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The New Me Curated By Gagan Dhawan Will Be Launched On Amazon Flipkart And Shopify

Mr. Gagan Dhawan created ‘The New Me’ health kit to monitor, guide, and transform one’s mind, body, and soul. The kit will help to thoroughly understand one’s own body and feel more productive and energetic. It will be accessible in Hindi and English for both men and women. Here one will get to know about many things that people may need to transform their body to get the desired shape and health.

With the help of this kit, people would not require any fitness coach. The proposal consists of an assortment of exercise plans curated by skilled experts to help individuals recover their stance, quality, and versatility. The normal/weight loss vegan diet plans from reputed dieticians and professionals is another important aspect through which individuals can design the right meal routines to meet clear wellness objectives. People will get to know about many DIY health tips that can change one’s lifestyle. In addition to eating routines and exercise, it will focus on stimulating and re-establishing a person’s certainty and self-esteem by urging them to fulfill a specific mental and physical objective related to health and subsequently improve their sexual strength.

There is no plan to help people quit smoking at any other time and is intended to improve the vegetarian way of life change and protect health from different infections. It is likewise valuable to nature, which is an added benefit given in ‘The New Me’ health kit. With this transformation program of 90 days, Mr. Dhawan tried his best to give a thorough methodology to transform oneself into one’s best version. There will be an element inside the interface where the user will have the option of tracking the progress after each standard stretch. Updates, pulse recorders, mood trackers, schedules of Medication, and footstep trackers are a part of this kit.

In this time of COVID-19, individuals are forced to stay at home, but due to this, there is a change in the routine, and this is causing mental and physical illness. In that case, this kit will help one get the desired result without making any gap in the routine of doing Yoga and exercise. After the launch, one can easily access ‘The New Me’ kit for transforming one’s body within 90 days. This ‘New Me’ kit is all set to launch on Amazon, Flipkart, and Shopify in the month of September 2020.

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