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Blooming to glory

Blooming to glory
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The idea of Bloom was formulated in late 2019 and early days of 2020.

Payal Irani d CEO along with  Deepak Khemani, Abhijit Sanzgiri, Dr Neeta Mishra and K. V Premraj to give shape to an entity that would be different. It was christened as ‘Bloom’. This motely group comes with over 200 years of collective experience in varied fields.

In September 2020, Bloom burst into the public space with its first Talk show hosted by K.V.Premraj. From then on, every Sunday the show has been aired. The first few shows were hosted by K.V.Premraj after which Deepak Khemani joined in to co-host it. Celebrity guests from across the globe have been featured on the show.

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