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modi remembers Atal Ji - Rajya Sabha may be the second house but it should not be called a secondary house.

New Delhi, Nov 18 (HS): The winter session of Parliament is historic this time. The upper house of the Rajya Sabha began its 250th session on Monday. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the House. During this time, the Prime Minister said that I salute the journey which has gone between these 250 sessions. In his address, the Prime Minister said something that stirred political corridors.

In fact, when the Prime Minister was addressing during the 250th session, he praised Sharad Pawar's Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). The Prime Minister said, "We should choose the path of dialogue rather than blockages in the House, the specialty of NCP-BJD is that both of them have decided that those people will not go to the well of the House."

PM Modi said that we all political parties will have to learn that despite following this rule, there has been a decrease in their development, our party (BJP) should also, learn this. We should thank these parties. When we were in opposition, they used to do this work but these two parties have set this example.

Significantly, the way in which the formation of government is going on in Maharashtra, in the meantime, PM Modi gives a message praising NCP. Shiv Sena is ready to join BJP, NCP and Congress, but so far no final picture on government formation is visible.

The PM said that those who are fond of writing in the country think that the thought journey has also gone during 250 sessions. He said that there was a discussion among the framers of the constitution whether the house should be one or two, but experience tells how good this facility is. If the lower house is connected to the ground, the upper house can look far.

In the Rajya Sabha, History has been made in this house and seen to be built, many prominent personalities have led this house. He said that the specialty of the House is its stability and its diversity.

The PM said ,The country has seen that many dignitaries including scientists, art, writers have come here. The biggest example of this is Babasaheb Ambedkar, for some reason he did not allow him to reach the Lok Sabha but he came to Rajya Sabha.

In the Rajya Sabha, the Prime Minister said that for a long time the opposition was less, but today it was rarely seen. The Prime Minister said that Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan had said that only our thoughts, behavior and thinking would prove the justification of our parliamentary system with two parliamentarians. The examination of this House made part of the Constitution will be done by our work, our effort should be that we can justify the country with our thinking.

PM Modi said that if we look at the last 5 years, the triple talaq law was passed by this house, the same house decided to give reservation to the poor family of the general class, the act of removing Article 370 from GST, Jammu and Kashmir, which promised 1964. When 370 came in the constitution, it was the leader of this house that introduced it and this house removed that section.

In his address, the Prime Minister said that it is our job to welfare the states, federal structure is the most important word for the development of the country. How the state government prepares the policies that the central government prepares, it is decided by this house.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave an address when 200 sessions of this house took place. He had said that there is a second chamber to increase the power of our parliamentary democracy, so do not make the mistake of building its secondary house.

The PM said that this house should never remain a secondary house, but a supportive house. Atal ji had said in his address that the flow of a river remains good as long as its banks are strong. The Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha are two sides of India's parliamentary flow. If they remain strong then democracy will flourish.

PM Modi said that the Rajya Sabha is important for the idea of ​​check and balance, but it is necessary to maintain a distinction between it. It is necessary to distinguish between balance and blocking, the House should be for sharp dispute.

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