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Modi urges people to join hands in curbing 'single use plastic'

Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi urges people to join hands in curbing 'single use plastic'

New Delhi, Aug 25 (HS): "Home or the neighbourhood lane, street circles, crossings, or drains, schools and colleges.we have to involve ourselves in a Mega campaign of ensuring cleanliness at public places. This time our emphasis must be on plastic. On 15th August, I had urged you from the Red Fort.the way one hundred and twenty five crore countrymen ran a campaign for cleanliness with utmost enthusiasm and energy, and toiled tirelessly towards freedom from open defecation; in a similar manner, we have to join hands in curbing 'single use plastic", said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sharing his thoughts in his famous radio programme "Mann Ki Baat" today, Modi said, "For the last few years, we have been running a countrywide campaign 'Swachchata Hi Sewa', 'the quest for cleanliness is service', around a couple of weeks before the 2nd of October. This time around it will commence on the 11th of September. During this period, all of us will move out of home, donating toil and sweat through 'Shramdaan', as a 'Karyanjali' to Mahatma Gandhi."

"This campaign has enthused people from all strata of society. Many of my merchant brothers and sisters have put up a placard at their establishments, boldly mentioning that customers ought to carry shopping bags with them. This will result in monetary savings, as well as one would be able to contribute towards protection of the environment," he added.

Prime Minister further said, "This year, on the 2nd of October, when we celebrate Bapu's 150th birth anniversary, we shall not only dedicate to him an India that is Open Defecation Free, but also shall lay the foundation of a new revolution against plastic, by people themselves, throughout the country."

Modi urged people from all strata of society, residents of every village, town and city to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti this year as a mark of "plastic free Mother India".

"Let us celebrate 2nd October as a special day. Let us celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary as a special 'Shramdaan' Festival, where everyone will donate one's own labour. I urge all municipalities, municipal corporations, District Administration, Gram Panchayats, Government and non Governmental bodies, organizations; in fact each and every citizen to work towards ensuring adequate arrangement for collection and storage of plastic waste," he said.

He further said, "I also appeal to the corporate sector to come out with ways and means proactively for appropriate disposal of all accumulated plastic. It can be recycled; it can be transformed into fuel. This way we can accomplish our task of ensuring safe disposal of plastic waste before this Diwali. All that is needed is a resolve. And for inspiration, there's no need to look hither- tither; what can be a greater inspiration than Gandhi?"

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