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Politics for Power behind the façade of no deal Brexit

Politics for Power behind the façade of no deal Brexit

By Arun Srivastava

Auckland (New Zealand), Aug 25 (HS): In the backdrop of the fast changing political scenario possibility of Boris Johnson keeping his promise to take Britain out of the European Union by October 31 appears to be quite remote. After taking over the office of the Prime Minister Boris had reiterated his promise to quit the EU irrespective of the fact whether Brexit becomes feasible.

While Boris had been working on the plan to seek peoples' endorsement to his mission, the opposition Labour party and even a major section of the ruling Tories are determined to foil his move. There is lurking fear in the political circle and especially amongst the common Britons that this move will seriously damage the economic interest of the country.

In view of looming threat to the political and economic scenario of the country, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has written to the leaders of all the parties to unite, topple Boris and protect Britain from any disaster after the UK leaves EU.

Corbyn is in favour of an alternate government. The situation has worsened for Boris who intends to continue to rule. He is striving to use his image of hero which he built in the wake his resignation from Theresa May's cabinet in protest against her stand on Brexit. He has accused Corbyn and other Brexit leaders, especially the Tory leaders opposed to him of working in collaboration with EU to stymie Britain's exit from EU. He even described these leaders as anti-Britain.

Significantly Corbyn who was in the initial days receptive to the idea of Brexit now visualises it to be an effective means to get the office prime minister. He has also refused to campaign for remain in a second referendum. Corbyn has said Labour is ready to fight an election campaign against Boris Johnson but refused to express a preference between leaving with a Labour-negotiated deal or staying in the EU.

The Labour leader said he was "absolutely" gearing up for an election. He said Labour would campaign for a second referendum and to remain in the EU if Johnson was proposing a no-deal Brexit. But he said the party would "reopen talks with the EU" about a Brexit deal if it won an election in comments that suggest the party would not necessarily campaign in favour of remain in a second referendum.

He said the public "deserve an election" but would not specify when Labour would call a no-confidence vote in Johnson's government. Nevertheless it appears that Boris is likely face the no confidence motion just after parliament meets in September. While Corbyn is for unity of the opposition to defeat Boris, he on his part has been harping on EU making major changes to the agreement it made with May go9vernment.

One thing is quite apparent that instead of serious about the economic and political fallout both the leaders are more concerned of capturing power. If Corbyn accuses Boris of plotting an 'unprecedented, unconstitutional and anti-democratic abuse of power' for forcing a no deal Brexit, he on his part has been desperately trying to stop Boris from forcing a no deal Brexit.

He has even called on the UK's most senior civil servant to intervene to stop Boris in the middle of an election campaign, amid rising signs the country is heading for the polls again this autumn. While going on severe offensive Boris alleged a "terrible kind of collaboration" between intransigent EU and the UK politicians who want to foil Brexit.

Interestingly backbench Conservative MPs are highly alarmed of the idea of an election just days after an unpredictable no-deal Brexit, possibly in the midst of food shortages, travel disruption and trade difficulties. There is general feeling amongst the people that 'hard right' prime minister wants no-deal Brexit to create tax haven for super-rich.

Corbyn accuses Boris Johnson of being a "fake populist and phoney outsider" in the mould of Donald Trump. Apprehensions are being expressed that Britain which has already been economic challenges and problems and a possible threat of recession may witness a severe recessionary situation if UK leaves without an agreement.

Meanwhile almost all the political leaders have been critical of Boris pushing Britain in a bind without the parliament approving the no deal Brexit. This stand is just against the spirit of the 2016 referendum where in the Britons had given the mandate to leave EU. But the latest stand of the MPs who have been elected by the people are not willing to leave EU. It is argued that the mandate was not for leaving EU with a no deal. Referendum was only for leaving or remaining in EU and no condition was laid down.

Meanwhile a secret government document reveals that UK would face a serious disruption in case the country leaves EU without a trade deal by October 31. The rulers and bureaucrats are vertically split on this issue. While Boris is firm on leaving EU regardless of whether he succeeds in renegotiating the Brexit deal, even his personal staff nurse the view that with a no deal Brexit would adversely the future administration of Britain.

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