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Rahul Gandhi calls Modi government loudspeaker for Donald Trump and Ambanis

Haryana: Senior Congress leader and Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi on Monday attacks Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him a 'loudspeaker' of big industrialist and accusing him of taking money from the pockets of the poor to give it away to his 'rich friends'.

Addressing the first rally, for the October 21 assembly elections in Haryana, Gandhi also attacked Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar alleging that both the leaders do not talk about the poor people.

'Both Narendra Modi and Manoharlal Khattar are taking away money from poor and giving it to their 15 rich friends,' Gandhi alleged, asking if they claim themselves to be true nationalists, 'why are they selling out PSUs to their rich friends'.

'Narendra Modi is the loudspeaker only for Ambani and Adani as he only talks about them every day,' Gandhi said.

'You all can see Narendra Modi only with Donald Trump and Ambanis, but you will never see him with poor farmers,' Gandhi said while addressing the rally.

'BJP call themselves patriots. If they are true patriots, then why are they selling India's asset i.e. public sector companies to their capitalist friends? Modi Ji's job is to divert attention from the real issues,' said Gandhi.

When the government gives money to the rich, unemployment will increase, farmers will suffer and the economy will fall down. 'If this money is given to the poor, then the economy will grow - either they do not understand this or they do not want to do this,' added Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi also targeted the BJP and RSS, accusing them of dividing the country on the basis of caste, religion, and region, like the British, and said the Congress has united people.

The Congress leader also alleged Modi of taking the money from the poor and giving it away to the rich businessmen.

Gandhi added said to jump-start the economy, there is a need to put money in the pockets of the poor and farmers, and the Congress brought the 'Nyay scheme', proposed during the Lok Sabha election, was a step in this direction.

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