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Mumbai is getting New Talent vibes , Ravi Kaushal

Ask anyone off the street whether it's worth it to be a starving artist and they're likely to say no. It's these exact people and that precise fear that causes so many fledgling talents to ultimately take sensible career routes, leaving their dreams behind. Others choose to follow their passion but go their whole lives without striking success. For a rare few talented individuals, taking a risk to follow their dreams has paid off, and for the youngster, who is our focus today, paid off in a big way.

Ravi Kaushal, who is presently an internet sensation for his music videos, was born and brought up in a middle class family in Bihar. His father who is a bank employee and mother being a housewife had the same dreams as any middle-class parents; to see their child getting a good education and leading a self-contented life. But as we say, 'kismat ko shayad kuch aur hi manzoor tha'. As time passed, Ravi grew up to be an intelligent kid with more passion towards music than in studies. Of course, his grades never deteriorated, but the young talent could possibly see that he needs to choose a path different from others. Starting from the guitar lessons that he took to the sleepless nights he spent trying to learn music all by himself, his parents could see that their son had an inbuilt zeal for music. During this time, Ravi started writing his own compositions. He felt as if he could relate the music he created to his soul.

Every decision he took, he had his parents support. They were always there, standing by his side. as we say, our beliefs can empower our dreams and desires. Ravi went on to take help from the widely popular source of information, the internet. He learned about digital music production. From YouTube, he learned how to use DAW. He learned the art of mixing mastering all by himself. Through social networking sites, he made many friends who belong to this fraternity and from them, he gathered a lot of inspiration. He went on to master his skills in music production. A setback came when he learned that even with good music he cannot reach the masses without the art of proper marketing.

Being an energetic enthusiast that he is about music, his balance between his work life and studies was always good. Ravi built some great friendship which helped him progress. They too shared some common likings towards this field of production and with their support, Ravi completed his first music video. 'Baby Say Na', his first song, written and composed by himself, was received well with 350K+ views. Released on YouTube, the audio was distributed on worldwide music platforms. His latest released composition 'REHNUMA', is out now on YouTube and getting lakhs views too and still counting. Many more such compositions are awaiting.

Whenever asked about the most rewarding thing about his work, Ravi is always heard saying that it is the feedback which he gets from people when they hear him. It makes him happy to know that people are liking his efforts which in turn inspires him to work more. Overwhelmed with response to his last long, he is now surer that his way of exploring different genres is doing well for him. He strongly believes and follows the wordings of Jack ma which goes as 'Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine'.

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