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    Startup Tech Innovation Needs To Prioritise Inclusion, Says Ravi Shankar Prasad

    Government believes in fiscal prudence and ease of doing business, said Piyush Goyal You will never succeed in India without compassion, Prasad added Both union ministers stressed on how startups have improved tech adoption in Tier 2, 3 cities Speaking at a startup awards event organised by the Economic Times, the union minister for law & justice, communications,...

    • 5 hrs ago
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    Data Protection Bill Need Of The Hour, Says Justice BN Srikrishna

    Have to think beyond the stated intent of data collection, said Justice Srikrishna He was speaking at an event organised by Mozilla and the Internet Freedom Foundation over Right to Privacy BN Srikrishna is heading the Expert Committee which drafted the Personal Data Protection Bill Marking the second anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark judgement declaring Right to...

    • 7 hrs ago
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    9 Types Of People Who Never Succeed At Work

    Social skills and self-awareness are matters of emotional intelligence (EQ). Those who lack emotional intelligence are at a significant disadvantage. All it takes is a little self-awareness and a strong desire to change. Experience and knowledge are rapidly losing their relevance to success in the workplace. Harvard economist David Deming studied workplace tasks from 1980 to the present day and found...

    • 8 hrs ago
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    Here Are The 7 Indian Startups Graduating from Mobile Accelerator MOX

    7 out of 10 startups graduating from MOX are headquartered in India or have an Indian founder The companies in the current batch are from India, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong This batch includes profitable global startups as well as seed-stage startups Indian startups have not only made a name for themselves in India, but new ideas and innovation from India has attracted...

    • 9 hrs ago
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    Elon Musk Should Resign As CEO, Says Top Tesla Investor

    James Anderson of Bailie Gifford stressed that Elon Musk needs to step down as CEO Musk's tweets do more harm to the company than good, the investment manager said Last year, the Musk stepped down as Tesla chairman over his tweets after an SEC inquiry A top investor in the electric vehicle maker Tesla has stressed that its founder Elon Musk needs to step down as the CEO as his tweets...

    • 12 hrs ago
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    Google Tackles Work Culture Issues With Office-Wide Ban On Political Debate

    Google issued new company guidelines that ban political debates among employees New guidelines emphasis on interpersonal relationships and mutual respect The development comes after a former employee accused Google of firing him for his political views Work culture has a huge role to play in every company - whether it is a startup or a multibillion-dollar corporation....

    • 13 hrs ago
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    Social Media: The New Patronage For Generation Of Business Leads And Sales

    Every time a brand's visibility increases, the business is predicted to gain more opportunities in terms of conversion Developing relationships with consumers through social media showed positive results in sales Social media is the right modern-day tool to create a voice for your company Gone are those days when social media was only considered for sharing personal...

    • 15 hrs ago
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    IoT: The New Money Maker For Startups In 2019 And Beyond

    How IoT is going to impact almost every industry segment in 2019 and the years to come? Why entrepreneurs from major Industries will be convinced to adopt IoT Technology for their businesses? Major applications of IoT in 2019 and beyond along with investment scenario by various countries of the world Internet of Things (IoT), the emerging buzzword in almost every single business industry,...

    • 16 hrs ago
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    How To Develop An Excellent Product Design?

    Design thinking takes into consideration people's needs, unlike business thinking Product teams ought to follow a systematic approach for the formulation of a product The subsequent step in designing a product is user research The dictionary meaning of product is commodity or merchandise. It refers to any material stuff that is found in a shop. However, in recent times, digital products like apps...

    • 18 hrs ago
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    10 Startup Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Know To Avoid Failure

    According to research, 30% of organizations endure their tenth year in business The cause of failure is nothing but few shortcuts that we tend to take Here are some modules that can be read and considered About 80% of organizations with workers will endure their first year in business. The latest information demonstrates that, of the private companies that opened in March 2016,...

    • 19 hrs ago